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Sell more in less time.

Using A.I. and predictive analytics, Ecommerce Pro takes personalization to a whole new level—so you can do the same for your online sales.

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Give your customers more of what they want.

Send the right message at the right time, every time, with the only marketing automation platform that uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) to predict exactly what your customers are looking for.

Email automation


Eliminate guesswork with a series of pre-designed, targeted ecommerce playbooks.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence

A.I. learns, tests, and optimizes your campaign for each individual customer.

Tracking reporting


Gain valuable data and visualizations to understand and grow your business.

AI optimization

A.I. Optimization

A.I. got this.

Other ecommerce automation tools require you to analyze your data manually. Who has time for that? With Ecommerce Pro, our A.I.-driven tool does the work for you—processing enormous amounts of data and predicting the best outcome. It customizes everything from subject lines to email content to email delivery time, email frequency, and promotional offers so you never have to discount products more than needed.

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Smart Segments

Target smarter, not harder.

Constant Contact’s Ecommerce Pro integrates with top ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to get all your data in one place. Pro then uses that data to create over 30 prebuilt segments—such as "low engaged customers" and "high lifetime value customers"—so you don't have to spend time manually building them yourself. Choose standard and predicted segments to help you target the right customers every time.

These include metrics like purchase activity, websites visits, email activity, and gender.

These include customers ready to buy, customers at risk/not engaging, highest-value customers, and more.

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“This is the only marketing platform that has consistently delivered ROI from day one, and a steadily increasing ROI the longer we use it. We just had another $30K email last week. That wouldn't be possible without these tools."

Bree McKeen, Founder of Evelyn & Bobbie*



Get started quickly with our marketing playbooks.

Take the guesswork out of setting up your campaigns. Ecommerce Pro features more than 20 pre-configured marketing “playbooks” to target customers with different automated messages based on specific ecommerce situations. All you have to do is update creative for the campaigns. Start with the five playbooks below to get up and running fast.

Welcome new customers and let A.I. determine who to nurture versus who to push for a purchase, triggering the next most relevant content.

Maximize your conversion rate by capitalizing on those who are ready to buy...and by getting more users into that ready-to-buy state.

Target users based on specific actions and events, such as cart- and browse-abandonment, birthdays and anniversaries, new product arrivals, and more.

Enable A.I. to win back customers who have left—or catch those at risk of leaving—by putting the right products and incentives in front of them.

Educate passive users about your brand so that when they’re ready to buy, they’ll buy from you. Then send a followup to hook them long-term.


Act on insights, not instinct. 

Constant Contact applies a combination of detailed analytics, predicted trends, visualizations and revenue reporting to help you make informed decisions about your business. Access your campaign reports anytime to know:

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Email performance for each email campaign and associated revenue

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Top products and categories over the past 14 days

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States with the highest and lowest number of users and revenue

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Key trends, such as emails sent versus revenue

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Performance of each specific campaign

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Content performance within each email...and more

Don't have time to dig into your reports? No worries. Our A.I. can handle the data digging and campaign optimization on your behalf.

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Marketplace Management

Sell in multiple locations, all from one place.

If you’re selling on multiple marketplaces, you know updating each one can be a chore when an item sells. Have our multichannel inventory management tool do it for you. It allows you to list, sell, and manage your products across multiple marketplaces—including Amazon, Etsy and eBay—all from one place. 

And if you’re not selling on multiple marketplaces yet, it’s easy to get started. By expanding your reach, you’ll get in front of more customers. Which means you’ll make more sales. Mmm, sales.

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Case Study

Clothing line Draper James converts more first-time customers with A.I.

Draper James* had a common problem: they were finding leads to grow their email list, but they struggled to convert those leads to customers. Leveraging the power of A.I., they were able to increase their first-time purchase conversion rate by 1000%.

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You’ve got this. You’ve got us.

Whether you’re an emerging brand just starting to sell online or you’re an ecommerce expert, we can help you start selling more in less time with Ecommerce Pro.

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*Customer of Retention Science, a Constant Contact company powering the Pro Package