If you own a small business, you know just how important scheduling can be. But did you also know that scheduling can play an important role in your email marketing as well?

Coming up with the perfect time to send your emails starts with understanding the needs and expectations of your target audience. When are your customers, members, or supporters most likely to click to open your emails? When are your readers most likely to take the next step and help you grow your business outside of the inbox?

One of the tools you can use to answer these questions and boost the impact of your next email campaign is your Constant Contact reports.

Check out this week’s featured recorded webinar, Using Constant Contact Reports for More Effective Marketing to learn how paying attention to your email reporting can help you decide the best time to send your emails.

You will also learn how to:

  • Track your open rates and click through rates for each email
  • Determine which content works — and which doesn’t
  • Watch for trends in your audience’s behavior — and capitalize on these trends
  • Measure the social media marketing reach of your email marketing campaigns

Carve out 9 minutes in your schedule today to get the email marketing advice you need to become a more effective marketer.

Using Constant Contact Reports for More Effective Marketing


Using Constant Contact Reports for More Effective Marketing

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