If you want to grow your email list, you need to provide a way for new subscribers to sign up easily.

The problem is that not all of your potential subscribers use the same methods to get information about you — some might visit your website, others might follow you on social media, and there are those who prefer the face-to-face interaction they get when they visit your business.

Fortunately, there are great email list sign-up tools you can use in all of these situations to allow people to subscribe, and they are all available through your Constant Contact account.

To get started log in to your account and click on the “Sign-up Forms” tab at the top of the page.

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6 email list sign-up tools

1. Website sign-up forms

At the top of the email list sign-up tools is the website sign-up form. This tool allows you to create the form that your new subscribers will fill out when they join your email lists from your website.

As mentioned above, to get started, click the “Sign-up Forms” link in the top menu in your account. Then, choose either a pop-up sign-up form or an inline sign-up form.

Constant Contact in-product  email list sign up tools - website forms pop-up and inline options

No matter which form you choose, customize the look and feel of the form — use your logo and brand colors — and decide what information to collect, as well as what lists your subscribers can opt in to. Once you’ve completed your sign-up form, you’ll need to activate it.

Two ways to activate your sign-up form(s)

While in the editing mode, click the “publish” button in the upper right-hand corner.

Constant Contact in-product - activating sign-up form while in the editing mode

While on the sign-up forms tab, click the three dots to open the drop-down menu on your sign-up form and select “activate”.

Constant Contact in-product activating website sign-up forms while on the "Sign-up Forms" tab

When you’re done, click “Universal Code”, copy the code and paste it before the “</body>” on your site.

Locating the Universal Code in product
Universal code for in-product website sign-up forms

For more complete directions and additional information on installing an inline sign-up form on your website, check out our Knowledge Base article: Activate and install an inline or pop-up contact sign-up form on a website.

2. Lead generation landing page for social media

If people are checking out your social media page or profile, they’re interested in what you’re doing. This gives you a great opportunity to encourage them to sign up for your mailing list.

To get started, first create your lead generation landing page.

creating a sign-up form in-product
While on the “Sign-up Forms” tab, click “Create Sign-up Form” button.
Constant Contact in-product  email list sign up tools - Lead generation Page option
Choose the “Lead Generation Landing Page”

Customize your landing page with your brand logo and colors, then add a signup button to your Facebook Business Page or LinkedIn Organization Page, or add a link to your Instagram or Twitter Bio.

Once complete, copy the Landing Page URL and then add a signup button to your Facebook Business Page or LinkedIn Organization Page, or add a link to your Instagram or Twitter Bio.

Lead generation landing page URL location in-product

For more complete directions and additional information on adding a lead generation landing page to your social media accounts, check out our Knowledge Base article: Add a Lead Generation Landing Page to a social media profile.

3. Text message (Text-to-Join)

The next sign-up tool — “Text-to-Join” — allows your customers to join your email list via text message. To get started, click “Basic Landing Pages” on the Sign-up Forms page.

Text-to-Join Constant Contact in-product  email list sign up tool can be found under "Basic Landing Pages"
text to sign-up option in-product
Under “More Tools”, select “Text to sign-up”.
box to check to enable text-to-join option
Check the box to enable Text-to-Join.

Once you’ve enabled Text-to-Join, choose a keyword and edit the automatic messages that are sent via text to your new email contacts. One message asks them for their email address and the other thanks them for registering. You can also choose which list new email addresses will be added to.

Make sure you let visitors know they can sign up for your email list using the text message option by clicking the “Sign Creator” on the top to make a Text-to-Join sign that you can print and display in your business.

button to create a sign for text-to-join Constant Contact in-product  email list sign up tool
Click the “Sign Creator” button on the top of the Text-to-Join Setup section.
Text-to-Join Sign
Create and print your new signs.

For more complete directions and additional information on turning on Text-to-Join and creating a keyword, check out our Knowledge Base article: Use Text-to-Join to Collect New Contacts Through a Text Message. And, for more information on creating a Text-to-Join sign, check out our Knowledge Base article: Create a Sign to Promote Your Text-to-Join Keyword.

4. QR code (Scan-to-Join)

Often overlooked, this tool gives visitors a second way to join your email lists with their smartphones by scanning a QR code. And, luckily, if you implemented tool number two, you’ve done most of the work already.

Standard QR code

After you’ve created your Lead Generation Landing Page, copy the URL and paste it into a third-party tool like QR Code Generator or goqr.me to create the QR code.

standard QR code

Customized QR code

If you want to add a little flair to your QR code, you can use different QR code generators like QRstuff to change the color and select codes for specific data types, Delvir to customize the size and color, or QRCode Monkey to design a QR code that incorporates artwork and allows you to add and change colors.

customized QR code with image in center and colored code

You can then download or copy the image and paste it into any form of print media you’d like. We suggest putting it in all of your print media, from business cards to fliers — even on your printed sign-up form to give people the option to either write or type their information into your sign-up form.

5. Printed sign-up form

This tool is a tried and true method for getting people to sign up for your email list when at your register or trade show booth.

Constant Contact email list sign up tools - printed out paper sign-up form
Option three of eight styles.

A simple paper sign-up form can go a long way when chatting with people in person. To get started, simply download our free Offline List Growth .pdf, choose one of the eight list options, and customize it. Then print as many copies as you like.

6. ListBuilder App

Last, but not least, we have the ListBuilder application. If you have an Android tablet or iPad, this tool allows you to collect sign-ups digitally even when you’re not connected to the internet — it’s the modern version of the paper sign-up form.

To get started, simply download the ListBuilder App onto your device, log in to the app using your Constant Contact username and password, set an Admin PIN, choose the contact list that you want new signups from the app to be added to, customize your form, hit “next”, and voila! Now you can collect addresses even when your offline and the app will store the information and upload them to your account as soon as it’s back back online.

ListBuilder app icon

For more complete directions and additional information on downloading and installing the ListBuilder app on your device, check out our Knowledge Base article: ListBuilder for Constant Contact.

What’s next? Start collecting email addresses!

Now that you’ve installed the tools, make sure you’re asking people to join your email list. Tell your customers or members about your email newsletter on your website, your Facebook Page, and at your business.

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