While testing some links today, we came across something we thought was really cool.

It seems that in its continuing quest to make the user experience richer, and to give people more control over the ways they share content, Facebook is in the process of rolling out improved capabilities that allow users to be more specific about where they post content.

Now, when you click the “Share” button on an article, blog post, or in an email, you’re presented with four options: You can share the content on your own Wall, on a friend’s Wall, in a group, or in a private message. (That fourth option is similar to how the recently introduced Send button works.)

This gives your customers, members, and readers more control over where they post your content. For example, if you see a blog post that might interest just one of your friend, now you can click Share and post the link on your friend’s Wall in one step, without having to copy and paste the URL onto that person’s Wall manually. If you want to share an email you’ve received with all your friends — the latest issue of our #CTCTSocial newsletter, perhaps — you can do that. And if you want to send the content in a private message to someone, you can do that too. The only catch is that, unlike the Send button, the person has to be on Facebook. (Check out this screen shot for an example of how the new Share experience looks.)

If that’s not what happens when you try to share content on Facebook, don’t worry. Chances are good that, like other new features and changes Facebook introduces, this functionality is rolling out slowly. You — and your customers and members — are sure to see it soon, and we think you’ll like the effect it has on how your content gets in front of even more people.

What other changes would you like to see Facebook introduce? Share your thoughts in the comments below.