Have you ever wondered what your subscribers were thinking?

Maybe you want to know what information your subscribers are most interested in. Or what they thought of one of your recent events.

Find out by adding a poll to your email.

Collecting feedback from your email subscribers ensures you’re on the right track with your email content. You can use Constant Contact’s Poll feature to get to know your subscribers better and make your emails more interactive and engaging.

Let’s look at three benefits of adding a poll to your email:

1. Increase open and click-through rates

Including a poll instantly makes your email more interactive. Give it a try next time you want to boost your email engagement by asking a simple yes or no question that your audience will find relevant and which will help you to understand where they stand on a given topic or issue.

How to add a poll to your email - editing the poll

Tip: Call out your poll in the subject line so that people are encouraged to open the email and take action on the poll. Try using brackets to draw attention to the poll.

Add a Poll to your email 2

2. Make better-informed content decisions

You can proactively get insight into the needs and interests of your subscriber base to decide what kind of content to stop sending or send next. This will take out a lot of the guesswork when it comes to writing your email content and will inevitably cut down your email creation time.

When you get hit with writer’s block, reference your poll results to see what people do and don’t want to read about.

Add a Poll to your email example

Tip: Try sending polls out quarterly to take the pulse of your subscribers. This will help you plan out the next three months appropriately and won’t overwhelm your audience with participation requests. Incorporate these polls into your annual marketing plan using our 2021 Email Marketing Calendar.  

3. Segment subscribers by interest

When reviewing your poll results, you’ll probably start to see that your subscribers have differences in interests and preferences.

You can export an engagement report with all the names and emails of the people who chose a particular response.

How to add a poll to your email - poll reporting

Tip: Create contact lists or tags based on responses to your poll. That way you can send more targeted messages to people who are interested in a particular product, service, or type of content.

Try adding a poll to your next email!

Watch our two-minute video to learn how to add a poll to your email or contact our free support if you need help getting started.

You can also hear more tips on how to use Poll and other Constant Contact features in our next webinar.