If I were to ask you, “How’s your business doing on Facebook?”

Would your assessment be similar to the following?

“My business’s Facebook posts are getting a relatively good number of likes, but people aren’t engaging with my posts as much as I’d like them to.”

If this sounds familiar, you’re probably already stressing out a bit trying to figure out what you can do differently. How are you going to create Facebook posts that the people who love your business actually want to engage with?

It’s likely your instincts are already telling you that posts focused on the lifestyle of your ideal customers can help you increase your Facebook engagement. I’m going to suggest that you listen to those instincts. You just may be on to something with this idea of lifestyle branding.

But first, what is lifestyle branding?

Wikipedia defines a lifestyle brand as “a brand that attempts to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of a group or culture,” and continues that lifestyle brands “are suitable to inspire, guide, and motivate people, contributing to the definition of their way of life.”

Lifestyle content works really well as long as it stays true to what your business stands for and, as with all types of content, it puts the interests of the audience first. Remember, people want to engage with content when it allows them to show off “interests, attitudes, and opinions.”

Here’s an example of how a retail clothing and accessories boutique may put this to use:

Let’s say you’ve come up with the idea to incorporate songs into your Facebook posts because music plays a big role in the lives of your ideal customers. Initially, you may think it makes sense to share what you’re listening to with your fans.

Not a bad start. But a more engaging approach may be to ask them to share what they’re listening to with you. Then you can incorporate your music selections with those of your audience.

This inclusion creates a community dynamic where your audience is sharing with each other and increases the likelihood for engagement because people will take ownership of their selections. You’re acting as the conduit bringing your customers together.

How do you get people involved?

Although we’re talking specifically about posts for Facebook, when it comes to getting people involved, you’ll want to be sure to use all the channels at your disposal to encourage participation.

Ask people to share their picks while they’re at the store. Perhaps you can have them write their song choices on a small chalkboard and snap an Instagram pic of them holding the board with your store as the backdrop. You can share these images on Facebook and ask the participants to tag themselves, also include a link to their song choice so others can listen.

You can also send an email newsletter with an online survey asking for people to share their favorite songs. Be sure to share the link to your survey on all your other social channels as well to get more people involved.

Get people involved throughout the year

This type of campaign allows you to create a lot of engagement around your brand. And it’s also something that would make sense to run multiple times throughout the year. Perhaps in conjunction with holidays, e.g. “What are you listening to this Valentine’s Day?” I’m sure you can come up with plenty of ideas that would resonate with your audience.

Don’t forget to capture these song choices in a playlist on a service like Spotify or YouTube so you can easily share them and people can subscribe and listen at their leisure.


  • To get better engagement on Facebook use content that embodies the interests, attitudes, and opinions of the audience you’re trying to reach.
  • Look for ways to get your audience involved in the creation process.
  • Use all channels at your disposal to reach your audience and encourage participation.

Here’s what you can do today.

Choose a theme for your first playlist. Then ask people at your store today if they have a song to recommend. Let them know you’ll be sharing the songs on your Facebook Page and that you’ll be creating a playlist that they can subscribe to so they can discover new music.

Be sure to come back to this post and let us know how it goes.

Have you tried Facebook posts geared toward lifestyle branding? What have you found? Tell us in the comments below.