We understand that the world of digital marketing has become increasingly complex in recent years and on top of that, the global pandemic has made things even more challenging. Even if you already have the right marketing tools, you might not necessarily have the know-how or even the time to use the tools properly. That’s when it might be the right time to seek out a Marketing Advisor.  

There are a lot of different options for how to grow your business using digital marketing tools. Marketing is most successful when starting with a plan that includes specific goals. These plans and goals can be broken down and suggested by Marketing Advisors.

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • What is a Marketing Advisor?
  • How does the Marketing Advisor Program work?
  • Reasons to use Marketing Advisor
  • Next steps for when you’re ready to get started and grow your business

What is a Marketing Advisor?

Think of the Marketing Advisor Program as your personal digital marketing consultant. A Marketing Advisor will inquire about your past experiences, current focuses, and long term goals. 

While Constant Contact offers real-time support in a variety of channels (phone, chat, social media) to all customers, we do offer an additional Marketing Advisor Program that can help zero in on your long term marketing goals and caters to your industry.

Marketing Advisors will listen to your unique needs and create a generalized plan of action to help you move closer to your desired outcomes/goals. For example, if you have become familiar with how to send emails to existing customers, but want to expand your reach to new audiences, a Marketing Advisor could suggest using sign-up forms on your website or lead ads on social media. Wouldn’t it be great in this scenario to send your emails to a wider audience of new contacts who are eager to hear from you? 

How does the Marketing Advisor Program work? 

The Marketing Advisor Program is set up to provide you with a total of 60 minutes of assistance over the phone each month with a designated marketing expert. Over time, these sessions become your map to success with marketing your business.

An advisor that knows your industry 

The Marketing Advisor Program is designed to set you up with ongoing one-on-one support with the same Marketing Advisor every time, allowing them to become familiar with your unique business. The longer you continue working with your Marketing Advisor, the greater the impact. 

The first call is an opportunity to find out more about where you are currently with your business and where you’d like to end up. And since we know that every industry is different, it’s also designed to match you up with someone who can focus on your industry the best. 

Your Marketing Advisor will have industry-specific knowledge and expertise, including terminology, best practices and much more. Once this first call takes place, the following calls are arranged with your personal Marketing Advisor. 

Here’s an example of a transformation of an email design helped created by our Marketing Advisors.

marketing advisor email example
Here’s an example of a transformation of an email design helped created by our Marketing Advisors.

Catering to your learning style and schedule

We know that everyone learns digital marketing differently, so we match you with someone that can also cater to your learning style. 

For example, you might prefer to learn by doing, or prefer to learn on an individual basis, reviewing helpful marketing guides. Marketing Advisors can also act as coaches to help keep you on track and can offer suggestions on how to fit marketing into your schedule (i.e. breaking it down into more manageable tasks). 

We understand that the day-to-day of your business can take priority over a longer-term action item, such as creating an email newsletter to send out next week. These sessions can be customized to accommodate your schedule. You can break this down however you’d like to accomplish your goals — one 60-minute session, two 30-minute sessions or even four 15-minute sessions, including conference line options so all your team members can join.

Specialized coaching and support

The Marketing Advisor Program also provides expedited support in between sessions through our priority support team, helping you save time getting connected to expert help and guidance. You’ll also gain access to our Marketing Advisor Community page to connect and share best practices with other businesses.

After your initial session, your personal marketing consultant will then break down a recommended plan of where to focus your attention based on your overall goal. This could include adding a few options for growing your contact list, or creating an email template design. 

You might also brainstorm subject lines to use in the next month’s newsletter using our best practices and recommendations. 

Ongoing marketing guidance that evolves over time

From there, your Marketing Advisor calls would consist of reviewing your results and determining where else to focus attention and incorporate our business best practices. For example, you could start seeing progress on the growth of your contacts and the Marketing Advisor would discuss how to enhance your email open rates. 

Marketing Advisors also will show you different ways to use your account, depending on your plan, including things like click segmentation, or subject line A/B testing (Which compares two subject lines to determine a winner). As always, what they advise will vary based on your unique situation and goals for your business.

For example, Clare Stokolosa of Designs by Clare worked with her Marketing Advisor to feature her #stayathome series where she would create a video of her paintings. Her Marketing Advisor recommended using hashtags, including this series at the top of her email blasts (shown below) and posting to social media with the video links included on a regular basis. These actions helped contribute to an increase in her YouTube subscribers and engagement on social media. 

Reasons to use a Marketing Advisor

Whether you are a novice to digital marketing or a seasoned user with many years of experience, there’s a Marketing Advisor for you. Best practices and how your audience is going to react to your content will change, and our Marketing Advisor Program can facilitate all ability levels and keep you informed on when to make changes. 

There are so many factors that can go into why you are or aren’t seeing results and your Marketing Advisor can identify what those are and work with you to get the results that you want. Some examples are the time of day you’re sending out communications, frequency of content, and kinds of content. 

Some examples of when to use a Marketing Advisor:

  • Not sure how to get started building your marketing plan in general or to start the new year
  • Have tried a few strategies and need help getting closer to your marketing goals
  • Are introducing a new arm of your business or rebranding
  • Trying to rework a pandemic marketing plan 

Additional services

We also have other professional marketing services available including more extensive marketing expertise and website creation. These marketing services can take some of the labor off your plate while still giving you a direct point of contact. 

If you’d still like to market your business but don’t have the familiarity or the time, we can do it for you and take over tasks like creating content, uploading contacts, setting up sign-up forms, and sending email campaigns on your behalf. In addition, our website service can create a website for you, including up to five pages and some revisions. 

Next steps

Costs associated with our programs vary based on need.  If these services sound like something that’s beneficial for you, whether you’re already a Constant Contact customer or you’re just getting started, reach out to us. For more information on all our programs, feel free to reach out to our Marketing Advisors either by text or phone at 855-783-2308 or schedule a free call today.