This is a guest post by Laura Leigh Clarke, author of Wire Yourself for Wealth, published by Hay House.

In studying successful entrepreneurs, it has been found that there are eight different methods—or marketing strategies—for making money.

Corresponding to each of these eight strategies are eight distinct personality profiles—what I call the Money Genius Types.

Knowing your Money Genius profile gives you absolute clarity about what you should be doing, and what is more, it can also show you how to build a team that supports, compliments, and leverages your efforts.

Here is a rundown of the eight different profiles and the accompanying best marketing strategies they should be using to build their business:

1. Profile: Creator / Artist / Ideas Person / Resourcer

Creators tend to have their head in the clouds and are prone to having too many ideas at once. Whilst often geniuses, they are terrible at completing and following through on their projects. They need a team to implement their ideas.

Strategy: The best strategies for Creators are those that allow them to create loads of information products and attract an audience by the power of their material, so email is a key tool.

2. Profile: Star / Presenter/ Performer/ Actor

Stars are great in front of groups of people. Their asset is their brand. They shine and glow in a way that attracts peoples’ attention.

Strategy: Stars should deliver online presentations—especially videos. If you’re a Star, YouTube needs to become your best friend. Email can then help you get those videos out to your audience.

3. Profile: Supporter / Connector/ Networker

Supporters are natural, avid networkers. Their value is in who they know, and being able to bring people together for mutual benefit.

Strategy: Good online strategies for Supporters include using social media to build a network and develop relationships.

4. Profile: Deal Maker / Match Maker/ Negotiator

Deal Makers are the folks you see with two or three phones, which they always answer when you’re having coffee with them! They think in terms of groups of people and packages/deals they can match them up with.

Strategy: Online strategies for Deal Makers involve matching people to deals. Examples include people who have websites to match investors to property deals, or vendors to buyers. Expect these folks to be hot on social media, and really using Facebook and Twitter to talk to people one-on-one as well as in groups.

5. Profile: Trader / Implementer/ Server

Traders have their ear to the ground. They are 100% focused on the present moment. They are more stressed when they have nothing to do, and are great at just getting things done, within a framework that already exists.

Strategy: Online Trader profiles need to pay attention to traffic into the website and conversion rates. Page layout, design, button design all become very important. You can use this information to target your emails, and really work at turning your subscribers into buyers.

6. Profile: Accumulator / Collector/ Gatherer

Accumulators are great at hanging onto things. When this is money—or appreciating assets—this is a fabulous person to have on your team.

Strategy: They do well at research and analysis. This could be helpful in looking at current online performance, researching competitors, market trends, products, opportunities. Information is power, and if you can share that through an email newsletter, for example, you can build great relationships with your customers.

7. Profile: Lord / Researcher/ Analyser/ Maven

Lords are phenomenal at detail and make excellent researchers.

Strategy: Lords are great at doing site assessments, and looking at the relative effectiveness of what is going on, and are very good at reducing costs in every aspect of a business. Sending regular emails or social media posts that include one highly-valuable piece of information that your customers can act on, are great strategies for these individuals.

8. Profile: Mechanic / Tinkerer/ Engineer

Mechanics come into their own when it comes to making things better. They are avid tinkerers and excel when they have a system already in place, to improve on; whether it be a machine to increase its productivity, or the cash flowing through a business and tweaking processes to increase the profit or throughput.

Strategy: Mechanics are brilliant online because they can test and tweak. There will be no problem in being paid on a results basis because it will be immediately obvious the value you bring to the party.  Use online tools like scheduled emails, social media posts, and autoresponders to create a marketing machine that serves your business.

Embracing your profile will not only help you increase your income, but it will also teach you how to change the chemistry of what you do, by involving the right people, with the right profile, at the right time. This is essential if you’re ever going to make the next step up in your business.

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Which profile are you? Have you tried some of these strategies already? Let us know how they worked in the comments below!

Laura Leigh Clarke is the author of Wire Yourself for Wealth, published in July 2012. The first supposition of Wire Yourself for Wealth is that we already have within us enormous potential for converting our value into cash. The second is that we should be able to attract money doing what we love, and not working ourselves into the ground. This is the handbook for heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to make money doing what they love.

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