Making mistakes is embarrassing. But we’ve all done it. Failing is how we learn, right?

This year, Constant Contact employees and other marketing experts used their mistakes to help you learn what not to do with your digital marketing. We call it #FailFriday, and we’ve been sharing lessons on email marketing, social media marketing, event marketing and more on Fridays via Instagram.

If you haven’t seen our #FailFriday posts, here are our top 15 marketing mistakes that you can learn from as we move into 2015.

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Happy #FailFriday! We’re talking about Twitter today. Bria Sullivan, one of our Personal Marketing Managers, said she wasn’t making the most of her Twitter profile when she first joined. She only tweeted once a day. Remember, Twitter is a fast-paced network and it doesn’t have an algorithm like Facebook that curates your feed. All tweets from all the people you follow are shown in real time, and – depending on how many people you follow – that can be a lot of messages to scroll through! Your tweets might get lost if you’re not active and visible on Twitter. The best way to be seen, get engagement and grow your followers is to tweet several times a day. If you’re just getting started, we suggest tweeting at least 5 times a day. Make sure you’re not dominating your followers’ feeds – spread out your tweets and don’t share them all at once. You can also schedule your tweets in advance by using free tools like @hootsuite or @buffer. #Twitter #smallbusiness #socialmedia #marketing A photo posted by Constant Contact ✉️ (@constantcontact) on

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This week’s #FailFriday comes from Mike Lowe of @mikelowemedia, at the recent @ahasummit. His marketing mistake was not tagging people he mentioned in social media posts. It’s important to tag the source of blog posts, quotes or other content you’re sharing. Tag the people who appear in your photos or videos. Tag speakers at events. When you tag someone on social media, that person gets a notification. They’ll be thrilled that you’re sharing their content and expertise with a wider audience. You’re creating a mutual admiration society, a new relationship. That person will be more likely to reciprocate and share your content with their followers, which introduces you, your brand and your content to a new audience. #marketing #socialmedia #smallbusiness A photo posted by Constant Contact ✉️ (@constantcontact) on

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Happy #FailFriday! Today’s marketing mistake comes from @skarritt of Flock Marketing, who chatted with us at the @ahasummit. He used to create his content with the intention of reaching everyone – he tried to appeal to the needs of all the people in his audience with content and shared it using every communication tool. What should you do instead? Find out what your audience wants from you. What are the topics they’re interested in? Ask them in surveys, and use your email and social media reports to determine what content is the most popular with your audience. Then, start sharing the right content with the right customers. You can segment your audience – create separate email lists based on topics, and send relevant emails to those lists. If you’re using Facebook ads, you can target fans by audience interests. Once you know what to create, you can focus your time on the right content, and stop wasting time on things that don’t work! #marketing #contentmarketing #emailmarketing #socialmedia #smallbusiness A photo posted by Constant Contact ✉️ (@constantcontact) on

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