Selling online can open the floodgates of customers to your small business and make you a global tycoon of ecommerce. It can also just be a frustrating struggle to move product, without any idea of what you’re doing wrong or how to start increasing sales.

Your store’s layout is paramount to driving sales and keeping your online business afloat, but oftentimes companies spend little time, if any, thinking about it. Instead of tweaking your product over and over and hoping for the best, make it as easy as possible for a website visitor to buy from you. All it takes is a store with the right look, the right moves and the smoothest checkout possible.

Create A Store With The Right Look

A store with a bad design is going to sour confidence in any visitor, which means they’re much less likely to pull out their credit card and make a purchase. Good website design isn’t the whole picture though, as there are many gorgeous eCommerce websites out there with the wrong layout that prevents them from selling well. Your store needs to achieve a balance: have big, beautiful product images, but not too many, and smart, detailed product descriptions, but not too much text.

It sounds harder than it is, but all it takes is some careful experimentation. Limit the amount of products per page, or per category, to prevent customers from being overwhelmed with choices. Your product photos should be high quality and big enough to clearly see the product. Your product description should aim to extinguish any doubts that this is the product they want while at the same time help the shopper imagine using the product.

Create A Store With The Right Moves

As pretty as your new store is, it still has to function how a customer wants. Adding categories will allow visitors to drill down to only the products that they want, plus it will limit their choices, making it easier to choose a product and checkout faster.

Once they do start clicking on products make sure the “Add To Cart” button is always obvious and well designed. The more easily they can add products to their cart, the more likely they are to successfully checkout.

Create A Store With Repeat Customers

The best kind of customer is a repeat customer, so making your checkout flow as simple and easy to follow as possible will increase the odds they will buy from you again. Other ways to build credibility and confidence in your customers is to add customer reviews and testimonials either to your store page or your product pages. Seeing other happy customers will influence new customers to buy, but you can also request a review from them after they make a purchase to get them coming back to your site.

Another successful way to keep customers coming back, and gaining new customers, is to have a robust email marketing schedule. Including a well designed and simple email signup form on your eCommerce store page will grow your list and drive more engagement with customers. Getting customers to buy more from you is simpler and cheaper than finding new customers and convincing them to buy.

What If My Store Is Already Selling?

Many online business start seeing success with their online store without any optimization work, especially if their product is good, or if their following is large. If sales are just trickling in though, there’s a good chance your store could do much better by implementing smart layout practices.

Some small business see a big spike in sales when a product or promotion hits a nerve with their customers, but trying to repeat that often fizzles out or fails entirely. Laying out your store with these tips in mind will give you a much higher conversion rate. That way for every visitor you work so hard to get to your website, the chance they actually buy something will skyrocket.

Where To Begin

Redesigning your entire store layout may feel like a big project, but it’s easy to get started. First, make sure that all of your product images look professional and write detailed product descriptions for each. Then, rearrange your product pages to prevent choice overload.

Be sure that your “Add to Cart” button is well designed and displays where it should. Drop in a simple email signup button in the footer of your store and at the same time, start gathering customer testimonials.

Instead of having a store that you think can sell, build a your store you know will sell, and sell often. The more your website sells product without you adding extra promotions and discounts that cut into your margins, the more freedom (and cash) you’ll have to do what you love.

Open your online store and start selling in just a few simple steps. Create Your Store