Of course running a business means constantly running out of time, which is why many brands skip adding a blog to their website. Keeping up a successful blog takes time, but it can be an invaluable resource, drawing in new customers while also keeping current customers more engaged.

The more valuable your content is for potential customers, the more they’ll want to consume and be thinking about your business. Content is perfect for sharing on social media, which is why your reach may also increase once readers start sharing your work with their friends. All you need to do to get started is to create a schedule (then keep yourself to it), start informing your customers of what’s happening with your business and then grow your network by featuring guest contributors.  

Create A Schedule, Stick To It

Many times a blog gets thrown up on a website, a few posts are written, and then cobwebs start forming. The only way a blog helps your business is by consistently drawing readers in, which means you need to post consistently. It can be difficult, especially during peak seasons for your business, but that’s when customers will want to visit your site the most.

Create an easy to read spreadsheet or calendar that lets you plan far in advance and start writing down as many blog post ideas as you can. Creating a schedule that is shareable throughout your organization will also let team members throw in their ideas and make sure everyone in your business is on the same page for new promotions, products or seasonal themes. It’s better to start slow and increase your posting frequency, rather than starting strong and fading off into a post a year.

Keep Your Customers Informed

There are endless topics you could write about on your blog, but make sure your posts relate back to your business. If you’ve just thrown a great event where customers had fun, then tell everyone about it. If you have a new product in the works, start teasing it out there and let people give their feedback so they feel a part of the process. Product releases will be more significant to a customer who feels you have listened to their needs.

Identify your target audience and structure your content around their needs. If your business focuses on teaching beginners, then write how to content that will help them be more successful. Give a behind the scenes look of your business so they feel included, or just entertain the people of the culture your business is targeting.

Find Guest Contributors

If you don’t have the time to write every blog post that goes up on your blog, that’s ok; in fact that’s even better. Featuring guest contributors on your blog every so often will not only make it more diverse, but it can also help grow your network. The more business leaders and industry friends you can feature on your blog, the more likely you can be a guest on their blog and reach their customers.

Not only will you start growing your network of other business that you can collaborate with in the future, but you’ll also save time filling your blog with content without writing it yourself. You should still edit and proofread everything that goes on your blog to make sure it fits with the standards of your business, but guest contributors can help make your blog vibrant and diverse.

Who Has Time For A Blog?  

Sitting down to write a blog post might feel weird at first, especially if it’s a busy time for your business, but the more people that you can attract with content, the more people you can get to shop or book with you. Think of blogging just as you would an ad, but instead this is something people will want to see–and share.

Plus, getting more subscribers to your email list can be a significant source of growing revenue, and people will sign up if they receive valuable content in return. The better your blog, the stronger your email list will become and the more product you can move.

Content Is King

There’s been a popular saying in marketing for the past few years: content is king. That’s because many businesses have discovered that talking with their customers through a blog and other content can help drive engagement or sales. The better your content speaks to a customer the more return you’ll see on the investment of time that it takes to write it.

Make sure when you create your blog that it fits with your brand. Once it’s live, create a schedule that you can stick to consistently. After you’ve started telling your customers what’s going on with your business, start finding guest contributors that will help you grow your network and increase brand exposure.

Make Your Content Work Harder

The first step to drawing in more customers through content is to create your blog. Once it’s up and running, make sure that you have a way to drive those website visitors into your sales funnel by adding an email signup form.

The simpler the signup form the better, let them sign up with just their name and email, and add a big “Sign Up” button anyone would want to click. Once you start adding customers to your email list and getting them to your site with content, it won’t be so hard to spend even just an hour a week writing a blog post.

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