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A.I.-Powered LogoMaker

No design skills? Who needs them anyway?

Just enter your brand name—and slogan, if you have one—and our A.I.-powered LogoMaker will instantaneously generate hundreds of eye-catching, high-resolution logo options tailored to your specific niche.

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Flexible Design

Logo your way.

Unlike a lot of logo-building tools, we’ve engineered one that doesn’t rely on templates. Instead, LogoMaker finds unique design elements to fit your brand. Virtually every element—from color to fonts to icons—can be customized till it’s just the way you want it.


Download and use your new logo anywhere.

Once you’ve finished editing your logo, it’s ready to share with the world. Purchase any plan to download the design files—in multiple high-res file types—and start using your logo everywhere, including your website, marketing materials, T-shirts, and more.

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Logo-Making Tips

What makes a great logo?

Your logo is often a consumer’s first impression of your brand. Here are a few tips to help your logo stand out (in a good way).

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What do logos like McDonald’s, Google, and eBay have in common? They’re not ridiculously flashy. But they are ridiculously memorable.

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Every color evokes an emotion. Use bright and bold colors to generate excitement. And don’t rule out black and white, along with other neutral hues.

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You might have a great-looking logo. But what happens when you print it on, say, a business card? Experiment with text size, font, and color.

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A lot of logos play it safe. But sometimes, standing out means stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something less expected.

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