Matt's A Marketer

And all it took was Constant Contact email marketing.

"Constant Contact allows us to communicate with customers and remind them what it’s like to be here."

Turnstyle’s customers come to them for a variety of different reasons. So their goal isn’t just to provide a place they can work out, but to create fun, inviting, and unique experiences for all of their customers. And with 80-90% of those customers being repeat business, communicating with them is vital.


Easy and effective tools to keep the wheels spinning.

Simple and fast.

Like many small business owners, Matt’s time is in high-demand. That’s why he trusts Constant Contact to allow him to create an effective, great-looking email in 5 minutes—letting him market his business to customers fast, and get back to his other tasks in the studio.

Reach customers on-the-go.

Matt’s customers are busy too, and he knows many of them read his emails from their phones. He says, “I love how Constant Contact allows me to build an email and it looks great on mobile devices as well as on the desktop.”

Marketing that works.

For a business like Turnstyle, it’s all about filling the seats and getting results. So when he sees that a class is not yet full, he quickly creates and sends out an email using Constant Contact and suddenly, that class fills up.

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