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Built-In SEO

Make your website easy to find

Search engine optimization (SEO) is something your website needs in order to show up in searches. But where do you begin? Create a Constant Contact website and you're already one step ahead. All Constant Contact websites are fast-loading, secure through SSL encryption, and mobile-responsive (search engines love all that). And with our Google My Business integration, you'll show up with your business profile on search & maps when people look for you on Google. Better still, your site will stay that way no matter how much you edit it because design protections are built right in to your layout.

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Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site even more.

Constant Contact gives you the ability to manage the information audiences see about your business in search engine results. Write the titles and descriptions (aka metadata) for each of your website pages that search engines will display - no coding or tech knowledge needed. And boost your SEO further by assigning alt tags to your images. Alt tags are text that tell search engines that each picture is about. Alt tags also contribute to the readability of your site for visually impaired audiences.


Track your website traffic and performance.

See in real-time how effective your marketing efforts are with a comprehensive analytics dashboard built right into the interface. Monitor key stats such as unique visits, traffic sources, geographic locations, and more. If you're an analytics junkie, you can also add your Google Search Console tracking code to your site to see keyword performance, submit sitemaps, review index coverage, and understand how Google Search sees your page.

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Resource Center

Resources to help you do business.

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Your customers are searching. Create a site that will help them find you.