Get to Know Your New Experience

Change is good. Especially when it means faster, easier marketing for you.


Take a quick tour of your new experience.

Your new Constant Contact experience will make getting the marketing results you’re looking for even faster and easier. The big stuff–like creating emails and updating contacts–hasn’t changed a bit.


Take a quick tour of your new experience. [2:30]


How do I send an email?

How you create and send your emails hasn’t changed.

How can I bring older emails into the new experience?

Any emails you created after March of 2013 will automatically show up in your new experience. To make sure you have an email you sent before March 2013, just copy the email and save it as a new draft. See how.

I'm a nonprofit, what will happen to my discount?

Your nonprofit discount will now be applied to your new pricing.

When will I see a change in my price?

Your price will change in your next bill cycle following your move over to the new experience.

What is my new price?

As always, your price will be based on your number of contacts. See below for your new monthly price.

    Contacts Price
  • 0 - 500 $20/mo
  • 501 - 2500 $40/mo
  • 2501 - 5000 $60/mo
  • 5001 - 10000 $90/mo

I’ve pre-paid, how does this affect me?

When you pre-pay, your discount is applied to the monthly charge associated with your current contact and pricing level. With this price change, your pre-payment period will shorten. We can work with you to add funds to your prepay balance in order to continue the convenience and savings of your pre-payment option.

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