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We make it easy to find qualified leads, sell properties faster, and get expert advice.

Constant Contact for Real Estate
Powerful tools working together to find new clients–all in one place.

Powerful Tools

Tools to capture, nurture, and convert leads—all in one place.

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Find leads using Google & Social Ads to target people by location, keywords, and more.

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Use sign-up forms and lead generation landing pages to capture leads.

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Store and segment leads automatically with our Contact Management System.

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Nurture leads easily with built-in email automation.

Email Automation

Automate lead nurturing and qualification.

Gain instant credibility with leads, identify hot ones, and stay top-of-mind with an Automated Email Series. 

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Save time by connecting your account with the tools you’re already using, like Zillow, so your leads are automatically added to your Constant Contact account.

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Include an intro video and showcase your experience, local market expertise, listings, testimonials, and contact information. 

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Add links to helpful resources (i.e. first-time homebuyers guide) and Online Polls, to find out if leads have an agent, are a buyer or seller, their readiness, and more. 

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Keep content relevant with Automated Click Segmentation (i.e. buyer vs seller).

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Use Engagement Reporting to know who to reach out to immediately.

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