Lead Gen & CRM Pricing

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Get started with the standard marketing automation, sales CRM, and tracking features.


Price based on up to 5,000 contacts.


Includes everything in Essential, plus the scalability to match your growth.


Price based on up to 5,000 contacts.


Everything in Advanced, plus the sophistication to take your business to the next level.


Price based on up to 5,000 contacts.



Create and post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn at once

Create and schedule your posts, tailored for each social channel, all at once.

Schedule posts in advance

Schedule your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn posts ahead of time.

Social Listening

Monitor your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds from customizable dashboards.

Content Calendar

Plan and schedule social media posts, blogs, and events all in one place.

Blog tool

Write, design, post, and promote high quality blog articles.

Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Bring the leads you capture with Facebook Ads directly into Lead Gen & CRM.


Build visually appealing forms to forms to capture lead information form visitors on your website or landing pages.

Ads (Retargeting)

Show targeted ads to people who visited your website and didn't convert.

Form Integrations

Automatically sync data into Lead Gen & CRM from any form provider.

Lead Scoring

Take the guess work out of which leads are hot or not with a engagement and profile based scoring system that is always up to date.

Prebuilt Lead Scoring Model
Custom, behavioral-based lead scoring



Visual Workflows

Leverage lead tracking and data to design automated customer journey's that adapt to every interaction a person has with your brand.


Action Groups

Create reusable groups of common actions that you can place in your visual workflow's or manually add a lead to.

Time-based and recurring
Time-based and recurring


Title and track the impact of your marketing initiative's on driving revenue, conversion goal's, or lead generation.

Static Lists

Manually build or upload lists of contacts you want to market to.

Dynamic Lists

Always up to date lists that add or remove contacts automatically based on the criteria you set.

Retargeting List Sync

Target your contact lists with relevant digital ads wherever they go online.

Media Center

Host and track engagement with your digital assets, including videos, ebooks, links and more.


Engage your web visitors with a automated and personalized conversation's via chat.


Live Chat

Speak directly with leads who are live on your site via a Slack integrated Chatbot


Define and assign leads to your key buyer types, automatically, to better tailor every marketing and sales touchpoint.

Shopping Cart

Sync product purchases from your e-store provider to run personalized marketing and drive more revenue.

Visitor ID

Your sales team can see what leads are visiting your website — and what pages they check out — to prioritize outreach and create more personalized conversations.

Site Tracking

Track visitors and leads who come to your website with a first-party cookie.

1 Standard or 1 Landing Page
2 Standard / 2 Landing Page


Manage and track a sales opportunity through each step in securing a sale with a visual, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface.

Mail Sync

Sync your email provider with Lead Gen & CRM to all back-and-forth communication with a lead visible in the app.

5 Users
10 Users
All users

Smart Mail (Emails for Sales)

Quickly send 1:1 emails with access to customizable email templates directly from a contact record or Opportunity card.


Launchpad gives easy access to key areas, like the activity feed, task manager, and custom reports — no matter where you are in the app.


Integrate your calendar with our booking tool so customers can book a time to meet that works best for them.

Meetings w/ Zoom

Let customers book your calendar for any virtual meeting and host it on Zoom.

Opportunity Workflows

Control your sales process and communications with dedicated workflows that automatically adapt to every lead.

Sales Optimizer

Automate admin work, like creating Opportunities, assigning tasks, and changing pipeline stages, so they can focus on closing more deals.

Sales Dialer

Keep track of every touchpoint with a lead, including phone calls, by dialing out directly from the app.

1 User, 16 hours/month
Up to 5 users, 16 hours/month each
Up to 10 users, 16 hours/month each

Call Recordings

Review and analyze any outbound call placed by your team by reviewing call recordings, complete with searchable transcripts.

Contact Manager

Find and view your contacts and their key data with a searchable and customizable contact center.

Import Tool

Import your leads and all accompanying data directly into Lead Gen & CRM.

CRM Migration Tool

Transfer your existing sales process and data directly into Lead Gen & CRM via a direct upload.

Salesforce Sync

Combine Lead Gen & CRM's marketing tools with the robust CRM features of Salesforce.

Available for purchase
Available for purchase

Landing Page Builder

Easily create landing page funnels using the integrated WYSIWG editor.

*Only available if a site has not been added

Landing Page Templates

Access hundreds of designed and simple templates that you can customize to build the right landing pages for your business.

*Only available if a site has not been added

Dynamic Landing Page Content

Use a set of criteria to automatically personalize a landing page based on what you know about a visitor.

*Only available if a site has not been added

Bulk Email Sending

Easily send emails to an entire list of contacts all at once.

Drag and drop email editor

Easily Drag-and-drop the perfect email with prebuilt content blocks and elements.

Email A/B Tests

Find what message your customers like most by testing two content options in one send.

Email templates

Access hundreds of designed and simple templates that you can customize to build the right emails for your business.

Litmus Testing

Test and preview how your emails will look across dozens of apps, email providers, and devices.

Scheduled email sending

Set up email sends to a contact or a list ahead of time, just select the date and time you want it to go out.

Shutterstock Integration

Access and add high quality images from Shutterstock directly in the email builder.

Merge Variables

Add variables to your email that automatically populte with what you know about a lead, like first name or title.

Dynamic Email content

Use a set of criteria to automatically personalize content based on what you know about the lead that receives the email.

Send an Email Preview

Send a preview email from the builder directly to your inbox.

Display Preview across Devices

From the builder, see how your email will look on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop.



Custom Reporting Dashboard

Easily create shareable reporting dashboards using prebuilt widgets, complete with all the metrics you care about most.

System dashboard only, no editing/custom
Full Access Editing
Full Access Editing

Cloud Dashboard

Share your reports with anyone, anywhere, in real-time via a URL.

Email Job

See how your emails performed in the inbox, with a report that shows who received it, the number of opens, click-thrus, and more.

Email Reports (compare email sends)

Compare the performance of multiple emails using open and click-thru rates.

Web Insights

Get reporting on your website performance, including what pages your leads come from, the pages they enter on, their bounce rate and much more.

Traffic Sources

See how you are driving new leads with a complete breakdown of the major campaign channels, including social, direct, and organic search

Multi-touch Reporting

Get a complete picture of how each marketing campaign interaction has driven a lead closer to a sale with prebuilt reporting models.

First and last touch models
First and last touch models
Linear, time-decay, and u model

Campaign Insights

Find what marketing campaigns are most effective at driving leads to a sale with a breakdown of revenue gained per campaign.

Conversion Goals

See what stage of the funnel every lead and customer is at with a comprehensive visual report.

Chatbot Reports

A detailed report on Chatbot conversations that includes key metrics like engagement, contacts created, and revenue.

Sales Optimizer Task Report

See the completion rate of automated tasks to better manage your sales process.

Sales Dialer Activity Report

Get insight into your teams performance on outbound calls placed via Sales Dialer, including who is making calls and how much time they have spent on calls.

Opportunity Health Report

Identify at risk Opportunities so you can organize your sales team and apply the right tactics to move a potential lost lead towards a sale.

Pipeline Value Report

Forecast your revenue potential by a given time period based on the likeliness of closing your existing Pipeline.

Conversion Analysis

Identify where in your sales process customers tend to convert — or don’t — to better solidify your pipeline.

Sales Performance

Evaluate your sales team's performance based on expected revenue of the Opportunities in your pipeline versus actual.

Won/Lost Report

Oversee your whole sales team with a birds eye view of all the open, closed won, and closed lost opportunities in your pipeline.

Save & Schedule Reports

Save & schedule every report in SharpSpring so you can get an analysis of the critical parts of your funnel when you need it, without having to log in.

Life of the Lead

Directly on a contact profile, see a linear view of every interaction a lead has had with your brand, including site visits, email clicks, meetings attended, and more.

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