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Elevate your marketing to acquire more customers and foster customer engagement with effective marketing tools.

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Price based on number of contacts*

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Amplify your reach and maximize your growth with our most powerful tools for automation, segmentation, and more.

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Price based on number of contacts*

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Platform Management



Number of users that work in the same account with different roles and permissions.

1 user
3 users


Save all of your images and documents in one online location.

1 GB storage
10 GB storage
25 GB storage

Monthly email sends

Amount of emails included in your plan each month. Overage fees of $0.002 per email apply.

10x your number of contacts
12x your number of contacts
24x your number of contacts


An award-winning customer support team is readily available to help customers across all plans. Premium customers receive priority support with experienced agents.

Self-service, live chat & phone
Self-service, live chat & phone
Dedicated, priority support



Drag & drop email templates

Choose from hundreds of professionally designed, customizable templates or create your own.


Input your website url and we’ll provide templates with your brand colors, logo, and images.

AI content recommendations**

Add a few keywords and we’ll provide you with content options to choose from.

Polls & Surveys

Create and share a poll or survey to better understand your customers. Just add it to your email and watch the responses flow in.

Scheduled email sends

Send emails instantly or schedule for a future date and time, up to one year advance.

Subject line A/B testing

Compare two subject lines with a split test to ensure you're always sending the most effective subject line.

Subject line recommendations

Enhance email engagement by selecting suggested subject lines and preheaders. Our system scans content, optimizing for nonprofit, retail, or real estate audiences. Currently for emails in English only.

Subject line personalization

Add contact details, like a first or last name, to your subject line. When your contacts read your subject line, they'll see details unique to them.

Dynamic content in email

Personalize your emails by having parts of your content vary based on a contact's city, state, job title or any data point you collect.

Reach and engagement reporting

Easily know what's working best by seeing views, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes.

Drilldown reporting

Learn more about how your campaigns are performing by drilling into what links are being clicked, who is engaging, and more.

Engagement heat map

Know what’s working by seeing where your most clicked links are located.

Newsletter archive

Host links for up to 100 previously sent emails on your website using this embeddable widget.

Inbox preview

See how your email renders in various email applications so you can spot errors and make adjustments prior to hitting the send button.

$10/month add on
$10/month add on
$10/month add on



Automated welcome email

Create a welcome path to automatically reach out to your newest contacts through an email or SMS message after they join your list.

Resend to non-openers

Increase open rates by choosing a timeframe to automatically resend an email to contacts who didn’t yet open.

Automation path templates

Save time and keep your contacts engaged through a predetermined series of email and SMS communications. Our pre-built templates help you get messages out the door quickly.

Custom automation paths

Select a trigger for your automation path, and then add rules and actions to build your custom path without the confines of a template

Marketing CRM


Contact management

Add and manage contacts in your account. You can manually add, import a list, or create an automatic way a contact gets added to your list.

Web sign-up forms

Turn visitors into leads with customizable forms and incentives to sign up like email promotions, a checklist, or a free consultation.

Contact segmentation

Get more engagement by creating customized segments using contact details, tags, profiling information, and more.

Custom segmentation

Send targeted content based on ecommerce activity, and more.

Contact activity segmentation

Send personalized content to contacts who opened a previous email, clicked a specific link in an email, and more.



Registration form

Choose which information to collect from your contacts when they register for your event.


Enable tickets, add promo codes, and set up payment methods as part of the registration and payment process.

Sell products & services

If you're charging for event services or selling merch, you can collect payment during the registration process.

SMS Marketing (US customer only)


SMS campaigns

Reach customers directly, and immediately, on their mobile devices through text messages (US customer only).

Starting at $10 USD/mo
Starting at $10 USD/mo
First 500 messages/mo included


Allow people to opt into your email and SMS list by sending a text message to a unique phone number assigned to your Constant Contact account (US customer only).

Included with SMS marketing
Included with SMS marketing

SMS reporting

Check the number of sends, successful deliveries, bounces, unsubscribes, and the click rate for a sent SMS campaign (US customer only).

Included with SMS marketing
Included with SMS marketing

Social Marketing


Post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Create and post on social media with our dashboard that automatically optimizes your copy and images for each platform.

Social reporting

Get a sense of how your social posts are performing on Facebook or Instagram by viewing your overall reach and engagement activity for individual posts.

Schedule posts in advance

Create a post for multiple social platforms and schedule it to publish at a later time.



Social media ads manager

Boost awareness and traffic for your business with our streamlined experience that displays ads in your target customer’s Facebook and/or Instagram feeds.

Facebook Lookalike Ad targeting

Reach the right prospects by targeting people who look like your current customers or a specific segment.

Google Ads Manager

Our streamlined experience automates ad setup and management so you get the most clicks for the lowest cost.

Additional Features


Marketing campaign calendar

Stay organized and efficient with all your marketing activities mapped in one view.

300+ integrations

Automatically sync contact and engagement data to save time, target your messaging, and deliver more successful campaigns.

Campaign Builder

Tell us your goal and get a multi-channel campaign made for you in minutes.

Revenue reporting

Connect an online store like Shopify or Etsy to enhance your dashboard reporting with revenue, conversions, and sales.

SEO recommendations

Get personalized step-by-step recommendations to boost your rankings in search results and drive more traffic to your website.

*Plan price is based on number of contacts and email sends. Overage fees may apply. **AI content recommendations usage limits subject to change.

Multi account

Would your organization benefit from 5+ accounts?

We work with franchises, universities, real estate/insurance agencies—and other organizations in need of multiple accounts and some degree of control from a corporate level.

Prepay and save big

Prepay and save big

Save up to 15% when you prepay for 12 months. Nonprofit? Prepay and save up to 30%.

Our 30-day guarantee

Our 30-day guarantee

Close your Lite, Standard or Premium account within 30 days of signing up for a full refund. See terms

Award-winning support

Award-winning support

Get expert advice from our dedicated Marketing Advisors, via phone or chat. Contact us

Add SMS Marketing

Add SMS Marketing

Premium plans include 500 messages. Lite and Standard plan customers can add messages, starting at $10/mo USD for 0-500 messages. Add SMS now

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Tailored programs for agencies, organizations in need of 5+ accounts, franchises, and member-based associations.

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