Reach, Retain, and Save with Email Marketing

Advisor Products customers can save 40% with Constant Contact.

Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

Online marketing has the reach, tracking and return you need to quickly and effectively generate dialogue that keeps clients coming back and wins referrals. Email outperforms all other direct marketing channels in terms of return on investment. With Constant Contact for Financial Advisors, you will:

Retain and increase AUM. Regular communication to your clients keeps you top of mind and reduces the chance of them leaving you.

Convert prospects to clients. Market to those who are interested in your services to turn them into clients.

Reach the next generation. Email newsletter are a way to foster relationships with your clients' heirs and beneficiaries, wherever they live.

Save time and money. Reduce your printing, postage, and envelope-stuffing efforts and expenses, so you or your assistant can handle more important tasks.

Unlimited email sending. Your messages get to the inbox with a 98% deliverability rate compared to an industry standard rate of 79%.

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