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SMS Ecommerce Marketing -Pro Package


SMS messages have a 98% open rate— 97% within the first 15 minutes of delivery.*

SMS messaging can be a great addition to your marketing mix. The numbers don’t lie: 45% of SMS campaigns generate a successful ROI...reaching over 50% when combined with other channels, like email and social media.*

Add Contact

Gain subscribers.

Capture phone numbers on your website or with a keyword to a dedicated short code. 

Grow Organization

Stay connected.

After users have subscribed, send a follow-up text message to keep them engaged.

120 - Sell more

Sell more.

Send one-time messages for promotions, grant early access to VIPs, and more.

Email marketing has finally met its matching channel.

Some things seem made for each other: peanut butter and jelly, movies and popcorn, fork and knife. And of course, email and SMS marketing. Used in conjunction, these two channels allow you to send relevant messages to virtually all your customers. Use text messaging for short communications and email to send more content based on their lifecycle.

For more sales, try sending one-time text messages around a specific event like a promotion, a new product launch, or any other “must-know” information. 

Grow your list.

Ask website visitors to text a keyword to a dedicated short code to become subscribers. It’s easy and fast—we even generate the short codes for you.

Grow your list

Automate follow-ups.

Send follow-up messages to new subscribers and anyone who has purchased from you. It can be anything from a thank-you to an offer for an upcoming purchase.

Automate follow-ups

Send one-time texts.

Text a limited-time offer, quick tips, new products. Or text any time-sensitive information—set the time and we’ll send the message for you automatically.

Send one-time texts

Get real-time feedback.

Track and manage campaign performance including attributed revenue. See the number of new subscribers, purchases, revenue, and segments sent. And easily export to a CSV file.


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*Source:, “6 Benefits of SMS Marketing”