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All-In-One Platform

You bring the ideas, we bring everything else.

As a blogger you inform, inspire, and nothing should hold you back—especially not your blogging platform. Get started with a blog website the easy way. With our all-in-one platform you’ll have everything you need to share your voice and engage your audience. Create and launch your website, get a custom domain and professional email address to match it, and create a dynamite logo for your personal brand with our automated LogoMaker tool. Plus, we’ll even host your site for free. It’s all here, all in one place.

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Website Builder

Set up your blog in moments.

Your job is blogging, not coding. Which is why we’ve designed our website builder to be the fastest and easiest builder out there so you can focus on the work that matters most. Create, manage, and publish your blog with ease. Our intelligent builder creates a personalized website for you in moments that is fast-loading, secure, and mobile responsive. We’ve even built in automatic design protections so no matter how much you edit your site, it will always look great. 

Blog Features

Intuitive features that drive serious results.

Draw your readers in with Constant Contact’s eye-catching layouts guaranteed to make your blog posts pop. Choose from different styles, colors, and font themes. Our rich text editor allows you to write your articles easily and format them the way you want. Categorize your posts, feature specific articles, and show videos. If you prefer to write multiple articles at once, you can schedule your posts to automatically publish at specific times.

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Share what you’ve got to say with the world.

You don’t need expensive tools to drive traffic to your blog and build your list of readers. Your website will be optimized for search engines right out of the box with SEO automatically built in to each page. Optimize even more by adding meta titles, descriptions, and a slug for each blog post (a slug is the text at the end of the URL that describes the page’s content). Grow your list of loyal readers with email signup forms and social media posting, and send email digests of your latest posts to subscribers.

Blogs For Business

Businesses should be blogging, too.

You don’t need to be a pro blogger to have a blog. More and more businesses and freelancers are using blogs to stay connected to their audiences, build credibility, and grow brand awareness. Create a blog to establish thought leadership in your industry and convince prospective customers and clients that you know your business better than anyone.

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