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Website Traffic Tracking

Monitor trends and maximize traffic.

Tracking your website’s performance is key to making sure you’re drawing audiences in and keeping them engaged. Monitor the days or times you get more visitors to your site, and whether they’re new or returning. Note which traffic sources are driving the most visitors and where they are geographically. We also provide data on the average length of time visitors stay on your site, so you can adjust your content as needed to keep them there longer.

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Analytics Dashboard

Get all the right data, all in one place.

Our website analytics tools are accessible from your dashboard, seamlessly integrated into the website builder interface. No need to click off to another site or embed a third party tracking code. And no confusing jargon or complex tools. Just clean and straightforward charts with data points that are easy to understand and give you a clear picture of how your website is performing. If you are a more advanced user and want to link a Google Analytics account, you have the option to add your tracking code to your site.

Ecommerce Analytics

Monitor the performance of your online store.

In addition to website stats, you can view data specific to your ecommerce business and understand how well you’re turning website visitors into paying customers. Determine whether it’s time to run a sale or stock up on certain items with insights such as total revenue, conversion rate and top selling products. See your revenue—per visitor and per day—and know who your top customers are.

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Resources to help you do more business.

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