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Campaigns. Professional-looking email campaigns like newsletters and invitations, press releases, coupons, and more. Easily create campaigns with our customizable templates.

Plus Campaigns. Campaigns that include landing pages with online forms so your audience can sign up, register, purchase, and more, and the reporting you need to track their actions.

Campaign Types

Email Newsletters and Announcements
Business Letter
Press Release
Custom Code email

Events and Registration
Event Announcement
Event Promotion, Registration, and Payment*

Product/Service Promotion
Local Deals*
Facebook Promotions*
Trackable Coupons*

Feedback and Surveys

*This type of campaign is a Plus Campaign.

Campaign Creation

Templates. Beautiful templates designed by our experts ensure your campaigns look professional. Drag-and-drop editing makes it easy to make it yours.

Campaign landing pages. Included with all Plus Campaigns. Campaign landing pages are web pages that include a call to action. Direct traffic from your marketing campaigns to your landing page so contacts can register, download, sign up, and more.

Campaign Design. A handy way to make sure you have a branded campaign. We'll design an email using elements from your website: your logo, color scheme, and links to key web and social media pages. Not available for Plus Campaigns.

Autoresponder. Schedule campaigns for specific contact lists, at specific times.

Social Media

Share on your social networks. Post your campaigns to all your social networks at once—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more—in just one click.

Facebook/Instagram access. Access images from your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and automatically add them to your image library. That way, your Facebook and Instagram images are ready for your next campaign.

Add social buttons so your audience can share, too. In just a few clicks, your audience can share your campaigns with their social networks. It’s an easy way to let your audience promote your message for you.


Create mobile campaigns that look great on cell phones and tablets. Your audience checks emails and social networks while they're out and about. Beautiful, mobile-friendly templates ensure your campaigns look great on all devices.

The Toolkit app.. You're on the go, and now your marketing can be, too. Create and manage your Toolkit campaigns right from your mobile device. Free with your Constant Contact account!


Image and file storage. Store all the images and documents you need for your marketing campaigns in one easy-to-access place. How much storage? Depends on your package.

Image Library. Looking for images? You'll find a wide selection of images to use in your campaigns in our stock gallery.

Contact Management and List Building Tools

Contact management. Store, organize, and maintain your contact lists and information. Segment and tag your list to send the campaigns relevant to that list. It’s easy to use and easy to access.

List building tools. Built-in tools help you find and add new contacts so your lists continue to grow. A growing list helps you see more impact from your campaigns.


Integrated reporting. Detailed, real-time tracking and reporting helps you understand exactly what’s working—and what isn’t—in your campaigns. Track who opens, clicks, forwards, purchases, registers, redeems offers, and more (like new customers).

Toolkit Packages

Basic. Includes basic email campaigns, as well as powerful contact management, social sharing features, and free coaching and support.

Ultimate. Includes the complete Toolkit; a dedicated Personal Marketing Coach to help you with Toolkit or your general marketing needs; and the Listing Service, which makes it easy for new customers to find you by publishing your menus and offerings to sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon, TripAdvisor, and more.

Run campaigns when you need them. Toolkit is designed to have the right tools available when you need them. You don't have to run the same marketing campaigns month to month: send a newsletter or survey one month, and manage an event the next.

Learn more about Toolkit packages and pricing.

Essential. The complete Toolkit, including unlimited access to Plus Campaigns and free coaching and support. Recommended for most small businesses and nonprofits.

One-Time Plus Campaigns. Our Essential and Ultimate packages offer unlimited access to all our campaigns, including Plus Campaigns. If you buy the Basic package, One-Time Plus Campaigns are available for $50 each. We recommend choosing the Essential or Ultimate package to get the best value.

Number of Users. Do multiple people on your team need to work in your Constant Contact account? Toolkit lets you create multiple login names and passwords for one paid account. Our Essential package includes up to 3 users, and our Ultimate package lets you work with as many as 10 users.

Free Trial

Try Toolkit free for 60 days. Your free trial lets you give the Essential package a spin. This package includes the complete Toolkit, so you can explore every type of campaign. Send as many campaigns as you’d like to up to 10 contacts.

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Coaching and Support

Personal Marketing Coach. A single point of contact who understands your business and is ready to advise you on marketing best practices, list management, campaign selection, and more. It's like having a marketing pro join your team. Personal Marketing Coaches are included in the Ultimate Package.

Free, award-winning coaching. We're committed to your success. Get your technical and marketing questions answered, fast, by our knowledgeable support team.

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