Constant Contact Vs. Mailchimp

How to choose a digital marketing platform

Selecting a marketing platform can be challenging– it’s important to think about what features are important to you, as well as what experience you expect. To help you decide, we’ve provided a comprehensive comparison of key features and details between Constant Contact’s digital marketing platform and Mailchimp. Uncover four things small businesses should keep in mind as they’re considering platforms:

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Key features to solve your small business or nonprofit needs

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Customer service and support to ensure your success

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Savings and value to give you maximum ROI

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Industry expertise to provide peace of mind

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Get more value with Constant Contact

Phone support

Available only in Premium

AI content generation

Available only in Standard and Premium

Comparative reporting

Available in Standard and Premium
Available only in Premium

Create, manage, and promote events

Automated emails to event registrants

Custom segmentation

Available in Standard and Premium
Available only in Premium


Available with SMS add-on

Post and schedule to social networks

Facebook, Instagram, & LinkedIn
Facebook & Instagram only

Social inbox view & response

Nonprofit discount

Up to 30%

Access to premium features


Switching is easy.

This is the easy part– we have the migration tools to help, as well as a specialized migration team that will jump on a call with you to ensure it’s smooth and easy. 

Comparing Constant Contact to Mailchimp

Email Marketing and Automation

Established in 1995, Constant Contact has been at the forefront of email marketing innovation for nearly thirty years. Today, our tools are purpose built to allow small businesses to quickly and effectively send the right message to the right person at the right time– every time. Here’s how Constant Contact customers use our tools to stand out in the inbox:

  • Create professionally designed, branded emails with hundreds of drag-and-drop email templates to choose from

  • Press the delete key on writer’s block with our AI content generator

  • Test and refine with subject line A/B testing and subject line recommendations

  • Use dynamic content blocks to personalize content and grow engagement

  • Make smart decisions using the data provided through our robust analytics, including campaign and heat map reporting

  • Scale up your marketing with email automation options, including automated welcome series and advanced automation with customizable triggers, delays, and frequency

Plus, we deliver– literally. Our 97% email deliverability rate is just one more way we help our customers reach their audience every single time.

Social Marketing

Growing and maintaining a social media presence is key for any small business trying to reach their target audience. That’s why Constant Contact has included social media tools that integrate with your other digital marketing channels, including:

  • Social posting and scheduling on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Social inbox to view and respond to engagement

  • AI content generation

  • Social ads, including Facebook lookalike, retargeting, lead ads, and custom audiences

  • Cross-channel posts, including channel variations

  • Performance reporting

With your email and social media marketing all in one place, it becomes easy to create consistent messaging, cross-post content, and gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns from start to finish.

SMS Marketing

Are you reaching your audience when they’re not in front of their inbox? If you want to engage your audience no matter where they are, integrating SMS text messaging into your digital marketing strategy is a must. Constant Contact enables small businesses to reach their customers on the go through:

  • Text message automation

  • Text message scheduling

  • Personalization by contact name

  • Auto-shortened hyperlinks and engagement reporting

  • Text-to-join contact list building

  • Sign-up forms

  • AI content generation

  • Robust reporting

Ad Management

Small businesses can often reap big rewards with targeted advertising efforts on social media, Google, and across the web. It’s obviously easier if those ads can be run from the same place as (and in conjunction with) your other marketing efforts. That’s why Constant Contact helps small businesses maximize their advertising budget with:

  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter lead ads

  • Facebook lookalike ads and custom audiences

  • Retargeting ads across the web

  • Google ads manager

  • Comprehensive campaign and revenue reporting

Event Management

From fundraisers to open houses to classes, events are a key component for small businesses to build relationships, grow community, and raise awareness. Leveraging your marketing audience and firepower for these events can help ensure their success, making events an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Constant Contact’s event management tool includes:

  • Event promotion, including invitation, landing pages, and more

  • Customizable registration fields and actions 

  • Payment collection for registration, merchandise and donations

  • Real-time event reporting

In addition, Constant Contact has integrations with EventBrite, Cvent, Whova, Bizzabo, and Mindbody to help support events from concept to post-marketing and beyond.

Contact Management & List Segmentation

In order to make any of these features work to their full potential, small businesses need to be able to build their contact lists and manage them effectively. This includes being able to identify their behaviors and segment them accordingly to customize your content for personalized, impactful outreach. Our features ensure you can know– and grow– your audience and your business at the same time.

  • Sign-up landing page templates

  • SMS text-to-join

  • Website sign-up forms, including pop-up, inline, flyout and banners

  • Facebook and Instagram lead ads

  • Automated welcome series

  • Click segmentation

  • Custom segmentation 

Your success matters to us. That’s why we make it a priority to teach small businesses not just how to use our tools, but why digital marketing is important, and what effective digital marketing strategies look like.

Award-Winning Customer Support

Everyone gets stuck sometimes, and it’s our job to help get you back to sending emails, creating social posts, and growing your business. Our award-winning customer support gives our paying customers access to a real-life expert ready to help you succeed. Help options by phone, chat, and on our official social media channels are there to help customers wherever they are, no matter what package level they are.

Comprehensive Multi-Media Onboarding

Starting off on the right foot is essential. While Constant Contact is easy to use for a small business marketer, we also provide on-demand recorded onboarding tutorials, as well as in-depth, live, guided onboarding webinars that occur regularly to best suit the availability and needs of our customers. Each month, our onboarding team provides multiple opportunities to learn the product basics live from an expert, including growing your email list, creating and sending your first email, email automation, and more.

Strategic and Technical Educational Resources

We know our small business superstars are used to figuring things out for themselves, and that’s why we include a number of ways for you to learn how to strategically market your business.

  • Constant Contact Community - Connect with other small businesses like you to share product knowledge, successes, and solutions

  • Constant Contact Blog - Browse educational articles on marketing best practices, how-tos, and strategy

  • Knowledge Base - Find detailed, step-by-step tutorials and help for Constant Contact features and capabilities

  • Webinars - Register for these monthly, expert deep dives into marketing trends and concepts to help small business owners succeed

  • Be a Marketer Podcast - Listen to interviews with small businesses and marketing experts who share their real-world insights, marketing tips and more

Of course, your bottom line matters. But choosing the right digital marketing platform is about more than price– it’s about the total value of your investment, and whether the platform is ready to grow with you at a sustainable, affordable rate.

Premium features without the premium price tag

With package pricing starting out at only $12 a month for our Lite package, up to $80 a month for our premium package, we’re ensuring there’s a level of investment that’s just right for you–no matter where you are in your small business marketing journey.

Nonprofit discount

We’re invested in the success of our nonprofit customers working hard daily to raise awareness and attract donors and volunteers. In addition to the educational resources and integrations we have specifically built for our nonprofit customers, we offer a nonprofit discount of 30% off of their annual subscription, regardless of what package they select.

The most important part of any vendor relationship is trust. When it comes to digital marketing, where both official regulations and technological advancements are constantly and quickly developing, it’s critical that you trust your digital marketing platform provider with your information and your image. With more than 28 years of experience, Constant Contact has the expertise and relationships to give you peace of mind – and digital marketing that works.

Industry-leading email deliverability

Your emails won’t work if they never make it to the inbox. That’s why our industry-leading 97% email deliverability rate is something we take pride in, and something our customers benefit from. We follow industry best practices to help you stay compliant with current registration, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about. Additionally, our teams are constantly monitoring the flow of new information, including contacts, content, reporting, and more, to keep our network running smoothly so your emails reach their intended destination, and our dedicated deliverability team works quickly to resolve any issues that may arise.

The integrations you need to streamline

Digital marketing is just part of everything your small business needs to succeed. By integrating your digital marketing platform with the tools you are already using for things like content creation, product sales, donation management, event planning, and creative design, you can save time and stay focused.

Constant Contact has native integrations with the top tools you already use, like Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Eventbrite, DonorPerfect, Canva, Vimeo, Etsy, SurveyMonkey and more. Integrating these and other tools with your digital marketing platform can help you build your contact list, personalize your communications, and grow sales and donations.

A history of technological innovation

Constant Contact’s AI Content Generator may seem like a big step into innovative territory– but in our nearly 30 years of business, we’ve been innovating all along to provide tools that keep our customers in-step not only with regulatory changes, but technological advancements, as well. Tools like our Subject Line Recommendations and even our internal spam detection system have been powered by AI innovation. Our dedicated, experienced engineers craft and thoroughly test each new feature to ensure the best experience for our customers– so you can have peace of mind every time you try something new.

We love our customers. And they love us.

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