Check For Errors

Send your emails with confidence.

Concerned about sending emails with mistakes? Take worry out of your email marketing with Constant Contact’s Check for Errors tool.

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Error Checker

Ensure your emails are professional and error-free, every time.

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Create your Email

Use one of our professionally-designed templates to create your email.

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Check for Errors

Before sending, make sure your email is free from common errors.


Preview your Email

Check out how your live email will look before you actually send it.

Send email

Schedule and Send

Send your email out to any or all of your lists.


Feel confident sending emails by running a quick check for common errors

Let us check it for common email mistakes including missing links, placeholder text, images, and past event dates.

Our error checker searches your email for default content, missing URLs in buttons, social media icons, placeholder link text, and more.

Easily find and correct your email mistakes by clicking on the error from the list. 

Simply previewing the email will allow you to see what it will look like on different screen types, and give you a chance to make final edits.

Sending yourself a test version of your draft gives you an idea of what your email will look like to your contacts when you send the final version.

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Professional Emails

Make a lasting impression and send professional emails free of errors.

Make a great first impression, every time. When you send your first email campaign, you don't want to make any mistakes—either in how you import a file or in spell checks. You want to make sure your email is error-free and that you represent your organization professionally. 

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Send With Confidence

How to Send Emails with More Confidence

Send anxiety–it’s a real thing. It’s good to carefully check your email, but at some point your confidence needs to take over and say, “Just hit send, already!” Otherwise each send will take all day.

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Marketing Advice

Tips to help you press send with confidence

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Getting Started

Inbox Preview for Emails

Use inbox preview to see how your email displays in the top five email clients.

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Everything You Need to Check Before Hitting Send

Review some helpful tips that will ensure your emails are professional and error-free.

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What’s Next?

Create an Automated Email Series

Set up a series of automated emails and determine how you want contacts to trigger it.

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