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Drive sales or get more donations in less time with easy-to-use tools.

Example of Constant Contact's marketing automation features.

Increasing engagement is easier than you think.

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Say hi.

Automatically send a targeted welcome email when new leads are highly interested in your brand.

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Nurture leads.

Create automated emails to target contacts based on how they interact with your emails.

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Engage your audience.

Segment contacts to get your message to the right group and automatically resend to non-openers.

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Expand your reach.

Find new customers with sign-up forms and list-building tools, plus Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Example of Constant Contact's email automation features.

Put your emails on autopilot.

Build your list with ease, then send targeted messages to specific contacts. Send a single welcome email or create an automated email series that nurtures leads. And get more value out of each email with action blocks that encourage subscribers to buy or donate. Explore more: Quick Facts About Email Automation

Welcome email

Welcome email

Send an automated welcome email to new contacts, then build your relationships with an email series based on how subscribers engage with previous emails.

Birthday and anniversary emails

Keep subscribers engaged with your brand by sending them a birthday or anniversary email to let them know they're important to you.

Birthday and anniversary emails

List-building tools

List-building tools

Use our list-building tools and sign-up forms to attract new contacts on your website, Facebook, through text, and more. Grow your list and grow your business.

Resending emails

Looking to improve results? Change the subject line to try a different message and resend to contacts who didn’t open your first email.

Explore more: How Resending an Email is Good for Business

Resending emails

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