Market smarter — not harder — with AI.

Branded email templates, fully drafted messages, and campaigns that span multiple channels — all made for you in minutes with the magic of AI.

Get a multi-channel campaign in just a few clicks.

Get a multi-channel campaign in just a few clicks.

Let AI simplify more of your marketing.

Level up your look and feel.

With BrandKit, just plug in your URL, then let AI pull your logo, colors, and imagery from your website, and turn them into a library of customizable branded assets. Return to your bank of assets whenever you want to create emails, social posts, and more.

Never wonder what to write again. 

Content Generator drafts messages for you. Enter a few details about what you want to say, and let AI write multiple messages you can modify to fit your needs.

“Today, it’s the AI tools that blow people away. I use Constant Contact’s AI to help me write better copy.”

— Ken Countess, Ken Is Email

Ken Countess, Ken Is Email

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