Drip Campaigns

Keep the conversation going.

Send more personalized, targeted, and timely emails with drip campaigns.


Simple Setup

Increase open rates and engagement with drip campaigns.

Search User

Determine audience

Create a drip campaign to reach those who joined your list automatically.


Provide relevant content

Segment your lists and create personalized content ahead of time.

Plan Ahead

Plan your campaign

Understand your goals and then set the number of emails to send.


Automate your campaign

Choose the order, frequency, and content to put on autopilot.

Easy To Use

Use drip campaigns to get segments of your audience to take action.

Drip campaign open rates are about 80% higher than a single email and the average click through rates are 3 times higher.*

Lists allow you to target and mail contacts with common interests. They also help you manage the email addresses in your account more efficiently by focusing on one group at a time.

Segmenting your contacts and sending more targeted emails are marketing best practices, especially if your list is large or you have several audiences you keep in touch with.

After you've created a segment of your contacts, create a new automated campaign. A campaign journey can change so having the ability to add emails to your series puts contacts on the path of your choosing.

You got their attention and you know what got them to open. Follow up with a series of emails that gives them more information. By targeting your messages with relevant content, you’ll get them to take action.

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list segment


Segment your contacts based on specific criteria.

When you take the time to segment your contacts and send the right message to the right people, you get better open rates and overall engagement with your emails. Create segments of your contacts based on email activity, list membership, and contact details to send more targeted emails.

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Staying Relevant

Email drip campaigns go beyond keeping you top-of-mind.

Think of drip emails as a way to share helpful information, products, or tips over a period of time, related to your overall goal for the email campaign. Drip campaigns allow you to reach out to your customers and/or prospects and provide contextual information that’s relevant to them on a consistent basis.

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Resource Center

Resources to get you started with drip campaigns.

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Define your goals and see some examples for growing your business with drip campaigns.

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Create a welcome email

Create an automated welcome email that sends to new contacts when they join your mailing list.

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