Email List Segmentation

Email list segmentation drives big results.

Target the right people with the right messages.

Example of the Constant Contact list segmentation tool

Easy to Use

How to drive big results with contact list segmentation.

List Segmentation

Customize segments.

Identify and group like contacts based on different criteria.


Send targeted emails.

Deliver relevant and personalized content to the right people.

Increase engagement

Increase engagement.

Proper contact list segmentation can double email open rates.*


Repeat. Refresh. Rejoice.

Save and update contact lists to strengthen your next campaign.


Segmentation empowers your business.

Constant Contact’s segmentation tools enable your organization to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. Easily create customized segments based on a contact’s engagement with your email campaigns, location and company details, and already-existing lists. Then send targeted marketing emails with relevant messages—a proven way to increase email engagement and improve results.

Example of segmentation showing a retail email

Example of Constant Contact list segmentation
Example of List Segmentation Name
Example of Constant Contact list segmentation for a restaurant
Example of Constant Contact list segmentation

Select contacts from any of your account’s existing lists—and even from multiple lists—to build a new segment. Then create email marketing campaigns tailored specifically for them.

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