Reach and engage more customers with SMS marketing.

Own the smartphone by adding texting to your marketing strategy.

SMS is only available in the US for paid plans. SMS can be added to your account after purchase. Only sole proprietors can register for SMS without an employee identification number (EIN) or tax ID.

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High-powered marketing in the palm of your hand.

Engage your contacts with SMS.

Whether you're a business of one or 1,000, add SMS to your email and social marketing to connect with your audience via text, wherever they are. Explore the only SMS marketing option available to solo business owners.

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Get your message read.

With open rates as high as 98%, there’s no better way to make sure your message is seen.


Short, sweet and simple.

No design to stress about. Just a short, simple message means low effort for you and a quick read for your customers.

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Build your relationship.

Text messages feel more personal than email, so SMS marketing is a simple way to keep customers engaged.

Banish writer's block with AI.

Struggling to find the right words? With AI we’ll take your keywords and turn it into engaging content you can plug into your SMS campaign.

Banish writer's block with AI.
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Simple Editor, Strong SMS.

No need to count characters or wonder how it’ll look once it’s sent. Our editor is built for anyone to use and includes a built-in link shortener, a live preview to see your message in action and more.

Text, test, and track.

See exactly what texts drive results, so you can curate success with SMS. From clicks to purchases, you’ll get detailed, easy-to-read analytics that show you what’s working and help you change what’s not.

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10 digits for your business.

Customers are more likely to engage with a text from a number they know rather than from some unknown 1-800 number. Our tools let you set up an outbound number that will be familiar to your customers.

Opt-in to new contacts.

Building your list is a big part of any marketing effort and SMS is no exception. Make it easy for people to join your email and SMS lists with text-to-join and a customizable landing page.

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Resources to get you started.

Checklist: SMS Best Practices

Checklist: SMS Best Practices

New to SMS text marketing? Learn the ropes with this easy best practices checklist.

Boost Engagement with SMS & Email

Boost Engagement with SMS & Email

Use SMS and email marketing in a strategic way to communicate seamlessly with your customers.

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Text marketing will make you say OMG!