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Improve open rates with triggered email campaigns.

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Easy To Use

Cut through clutter and get subscribers to click on your emails.

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Set up triggers.

Choose how you want contacts to trigger the series.

Create email

Add to your campaign.

Adding emails to your campaign puts contacts on the path of endless possibilities.

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Edit a campaign step.

Make changes to any step of your campaign to make it more impactful and results-driven.

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Set a time delay.

Specify how long you want to wait before sending the next email in your campaign.

Get More Opens

Four simple ways to trigger a series of emails to get more email opens.

Automatically send emails to contacts when they open or click through your email, or when they join your mailing list.

The first step in creating your triggered email campaign is selecting what action you want contacts to take in order to trigger the series. If a contact does the action, they'll receive the email series.

Once the trigger is set, your next course of action is building out your series. You can add up to 15 steps (consecutive emails) to your series along with time delays between each email.

After you are finished building out your triggered email campaign and setting up how long you want to wait before sending the next email, it is time to activate your email campaign.

As your series progresses, you can see a report of how many contacts were sent each email, how many are queued to receive the next one, and the percentage of opens and clicks.

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Delivery Settings

Make sure your triggered emails only send on certain days and times.

The delivery settings for your triggered emails are turned off by default. This means that emails rely solely on the time delays you set to determine when to send each email. If you don’t mind when your contacts receive emails from you, feel free to skip ahead to activating your campaign. If you want more control, you can adjust your delivery settings to match your customers' expectations.

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Abandoned Cart Triggers

Recover Shopify abandoned carts with triggered email campaigns.

Using Shopify? If someone visits your online store, puts items into their shopping cart and then leaves your site before completing their purchase, trigger an automated email message to encourage them to complete the purchase. Make sure you are capturing every sale with an abandon cart trigger email.

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Resource Center

Resources to help you do more business.

Make changes to emails within an active campaign.

Plus, you can easily edit a step email while your email campaign is active.

5 ways to use personalization in email marketing

Email marketing is about nurturing a connection with your audience.

Send targeted and timely emails with drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns are a great way to automatically build brand awareness, nurture leads, and increase engagement.

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***Based on Constant Contact data from 6/23/18 through 6/23/19.
*****Internal analysis of our customers from 3/26/18 through 4/15/19; First emails sent during this time period had an average open rate of 18% and second emails sent during this time period had an average open rate of 24%, an increase of 35%