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Not sure where to start with marketing? That’s why we created The Download.

We know you're busy trying to grow your big idea. Because we work closely with small businesses like yours every day. Drawing on decades of experience, we're now sharing our online marketing knowledge in a free guide that's packed with tips, examples of what works and what doesn't, and a whole lot more, like:

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Marketing, simplified.

Need more help with a specific type of business? Check out our other free guides below.

group in the woods planting trees

Nonprofit Organizations

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations

Find out how to use online marketing to build strong relationships with clients, volunteers, donors, and more.

couple receiving keys to their new home

Real Estate

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Real Estate

Learn how online marketing provides more opportunities for your future buyers and sellers to learn about you.

two girls shopping at retail shops


Making Sense of Online Marketing for Retail

Find out how online marketing can get your store found more often and drive shoppers to your website and location.

Image of person jotting down ideas in a book

Bloggers & Vloggers

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Bloggers & Vloggers

Learn to create a clear online presence, develop an audience for your content and increase your value as an influencer.

man holding up wooden beam at construction site

Home Services and Construction

Online Marketing for Home Services and Construction

Learn how online marketing can help you increase your local business by engaging with prospects and customers.

people working out and holding up dumbbells

Health Clubs & Fitness Businesses

Online Marketing for Health Clubs & Fitness Businesses

Find out how to use online marketing to attract and retain new members for your club.

person sitting with someone taking notes

Professional Services

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Professional Services

Learn how to paint a complete and credible online picture of your professional services to gain more clients.

health professional taking notes while talking to a patient

Health and Wellness

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Health and Wellness

By establishing an online presence, you too can increase the chances of more people finding your practice online.

two people working on car at an automobile manufacturer


Making Sense of Online Marketing for Manufacturing

Find out how manufacturing companies that leverage their online presence can distinguish their businesses.

girl playing the piano with performer singing

Arts & Culture

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Arts & Culture

Find out how to extend the word of mouth that’s already so important to your organization.

Teacher speaking to young children in a classroom


Making Sense of Online Marketing for Education

Bring in more enrollments that are so important to the success of your school.

chef standing next to restaurant manager in a kitchen


Making Sense of Online Marketing for Restaurants

Find out how online marketing allows you to strengthen existing relationships with current guests and build new ones.

Guide for Personal Care Services

Personal Care Services

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Personal Care Services

Find out about the tools you should use to position yourself for success online.

Marketing guide for Travellers

Travel & Tourism

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Travel & Tourism

Travelers scour the internet for their next adventure, now you can stand out and earn your share of the revenue.

Marketing guide for franchises


Making Sense of Online Marketing for Franchise

Online marketing benefits both the franchisor interested in expanding and the franchisee who seeks to increase sales.

array of books by independent authors

Independent Authors

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Independent Authors

Find out how to sell more books when readers go looking on the internet.

Image of automobile in an auto repair shop

Auto Repair & Maintenance

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Auto Repair

Find out how to get more local customers to your shop with online marketing.

children playing together at a daycare center

Child Daycare

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Child Daycare

Enroll more families with an online marketing strategy to draw more parents to your child care business.

woman holding her laptop at a technology company

Technology Services

Making Sense of Online Marketing for Technology Services

Create a digital marketing strategy to remain competitive with your services.

Image of a truck transporting cargo over a bridge


Making Sense of Online Marketing for Transportation

Find out how to promote your brand, connect with your prospects and customers, and stand out among your competitors.

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