Constant Contact for Manufacturing

We make it easy to get new manufacturing deals and repeat business with expert marketing advice and all the tools you need—all in one place.

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Find, capture, and nurture leads until you close the deal.

Use targeted Google & Social Ads to find people with certain occupations, or people that look like your existing customers.

Capture visitors to your online Ads and website with Sign-Up Forms and Lead Generation Landing Pages that entice prospects with an incentive (i.e. free consultation).

Use Email Marketing and Contact Management to nurture future deals and help design engineers and procurement managers choose you as their supplier (i.e. capabilities, machine list, certifications, product examples, case studies, customer testimonials).

Send more targeted emails and identify hot leads for your sales team with Click Segmentation and Online Polls that will show you what leads care about and where they are in the sales cycle.

Build customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

Stay connected and build rapport with your customers with Email Marketing and Social Media Posting to Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter. Strengthen your position as a helpful partner and industry leader by regularly sharing the latest trends and development techniques, technology advancements, new offers, product launch updates, or upcoming events. Plus, you can use Email Marketing to keep your sales team informed. Provide ongoing education for your customers with online or offline events, and manage promotion and registration with Event Management. No need to log in to multiple marketing tools to see what’s working and what’s not across your emails, social posts and events–it’s all in one place. To get you started with online marketing, we created The Download for Manufacturing.

Add more impact to your email marketing.

Unleash the power of your business—and drive more revenue—by integrating Constant Contact with the tools you’re already using.

Are you an agency or working on behalf of a client?

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