You’ve got a strong social following with loyal Twitter followers.

But what do you really know about your Twitter audience?

Twitter’s recently announced that its Audience Insights feature, which was previously only available to advertisers, is now available through Twitter analytics.

Check out our latest video to find out what this feature can do for your business and how you can use Audience Insights to improve your Twitter results.

(Can’t see the video? View it here!)

How to access Audience Insights:

First, click the drop-down on your profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of Twitter and select ‘Twitter Analytics.” At the top of that page you will find “Followers,” where audience insights can be found.

Check out the first tab on Interests and see what topic resonates with your followers. Then, create content or messaging to reflect that information.

Explore the other segments to find out where your followers are located and if they are using mobile or desktop as their primary mode for social media sharing.

Audience insights will allow you to understand your online community better and give you the resources needed to help you deliver content they want!

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