Multi-User Email Account

No more shared logins and passwords.

Allow multiple users to work within one Constant Contact account.

Graphic showing the multi-user feature.

Easy To Use

Multiple users. One easy workflow.

Account Owner

Account owner

Owners are the only users who can assign roles to other users and access billing.

Account Manager

Account manager

Managers can create and send communications, and manage subscriber lists.


Campaign creator

Creators can create and edit campaigns, but cannot send any communications.

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Account Owners

Account owners have full control of the account, including...

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Purchasing other products or add-ons

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Editing other users’ information

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Changing contact addresses and billing information

As the account owner, you can allow multiple people to work within your Constant Contact account as an account manager or a campaign creator—each with their own unique username and password. By assigning different users a unique role, you limit them to taking specific actions in your account and restrict access to more sensitive information, like your billing and account settings.

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