Resend to Non-Openers

If at first, you don't succeed...

Want to improve open rates? Resend your email to non-openers.

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Boost your open rate by targeting those who didn’t open your recent email.

Send email

Resend in one click

Check a box to have the email automatically resent with minimal effort.

Create Schedule Time Email

Pick the right timing

Resend between 3 and 7 days. Choose the best timing for your objective.

A-B Testing

Switch up your subject line

Change your subject line to see if it gets more people to open the second time around.

Rate increase

See your results

See a side-by-side view of how many people clicked on links in both your emails.

Schedule an email to automatically resend with an updated subject line to contacts who didn't open it.

Spend a little extra time and effort to try to win contacts who don't open your emails.

First, select the lists that you want to send to. Resending an email to contacts who didn't open it the first time involves creating a list of those contacts and sending a copy of the original email to that new list.

There are lots of reasons why contacts don’t open emails. But the good news is you can automatically resend to the contacts who didn't open it the first time, and tweak your subject line as well.

Instead of writing off your disengaged subscribers, compare your results to understand how unengaged they actually are. If they open your resent email, it can inform your future campaign strategy.

Open rates measure the percentage of contacts who opened your email compared to how many were sent. It sounds simple, but a lot goes into that number.

remove automatic resend
stats dashboard

Prevent an email from automatically resending to non-openers

Resending an email to your non-openers is an opportunity to tweak your subject line and give your email a second chance at being opened, but there may be times when you want to cancel the option. In just a few clicks, you can prevent it from resending.

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Less than half of your audience won’t open your email.

Make sure your audience is getting the important information they need. While open rates won’t be as high as the first email sent, you can get enough of a lift to make a difference to your business.

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*Internal analysis of our customers from 3/26/18 through 4/15/19; First emails sent during this time period had an average open rate of 18% and second emails sent during this time period had an average open rate of 24%, an increase of 35%