There’s no denying that devices like smartphones can make your life easier.

They can help you stay in-touch with the people you care about, get answers to your questions, and keep an eye on everything that’s happening in your business.

But what about your marketing — is it possible for mobile to help with your marketing, without making things more complicated?

Constant Contact recently announced its new mobile app, Constant Contact Mobile, to bring the full power of our email marketing desktop experience to your mobile device.

The app gives you the power to create emails that will look great in any inbox, while also giving you the tools you need to create and track your email marketing from your own mobile device.

If you’re not sure how “going mobile” could benefit your email marketing, consider the following advantages:

1. Create and send emails on mobile

Along with giving you the power to reach people in more places than ever before, your smartphone gives you the ability to create compelling marketing content right from the palm of your hand.

Have a few minutes before meeting with a client? Waiting for a new shipment to come in and wondering how you’ll get the word out?

With a tool like Constant Contact Mobile, you can easily use that time to craft an email announcement to send out to your different email lists.

All of the emails created using our mobile editor are completely mobile responsive, which means they will look great no matter what device your audience is receiving them on. You can add text, links, buttons, and images right from your mobile device.

2. Manage your schedule

Finding time to for your email marketing isn’t always easy. And when you do get some time to design your emails, it may not always be the right time to send your message.

Rather than sending your email at an inopportune time, or having to log back into your email marketing account at your home or office, the mobile app lets you manage your schedule right from your mobile device.

You can view any email that’s saved as a draft from your phone or tablet, and select a time to send once you’re ready to schedule your message.

3. Never miss a potential lead for your business

Has this ever happened to you?

You meet someone at a networking event or chat with a potential customers at your store of office. You walk away feeling great about the connection you’ve made, but realize you never took the time to exchange information and aren’t able to follow up.

With today’s mobile technology, you never need to miss the opportunity to stay connected with a potential lead for your business. With Constant Contact Mobile, you can easily collect a customer’s email address and add them to your database in a matter of seconds. You can also edit or remove any existing contacts from your mobile device.

If you’re hosting an event, download the app on your tablet and let people sign-up on their own.

4. Track your results

One of the biggest benefits of using an email marketing service for your email marketing is that you have access to in-depth reporting that lets you monitor the effectiveness of your different marketing activities.

And with mobile, these metrics are available to you in a moment’s notice. If you’re sending out a reminder email on the morning of a big sale or event, you can pull out your smartphone to see how many people opened, clicked, and shared your message with their friends.

You can also keep an eye on other important metrics — like bounces and opt-outs — to make sure your message is getting delivered and having the right impact on your email readers.

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or have some extra time during the day — having instant access to real-time reporting will help you become a smarter marketer, and make better decisions about how you promote your business online.

Try it for yourself

We’re excited for you to try the new app. The app is available for both iOS and Android, and is available for download right now.

Download the app now and try it out for yourself.

Are there any emails that you’re already sending that you could try out on the mobile device? Give it a shot and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Already have one of other apps and wondering what this means for you? Find the info you need below:

  • QuickView Users: The all-new Constant Contact Mobile app does everything QuickView does, plus contact management!  And, all of your previous work is already waiting for you in the new app.  Download now.  Once you’ve downloaded, please remove QuickView from your device. 
  • Toolkit Users: The all-new Constant Contact Mobile app does everything the Toolkit app does, plus mobile contact management! So now, in addition to creating and tracking your emails, you’ll also be able to conveniently grow and manage your customer list.  Get Constant Contact Mobile today – simply by upgrading the Toolkit app directly from your device.

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