If you’ve heard the term “curating content,” it may have left you scratching your head.

Well, you know how a museum curator’s job is to show off different and interesting pieces in an exhibit? It’s basically the same thing.

Curating content can help any small business or organization that is struggling to come up with stuff to write in email marketing newsletters or post on social media.

Here’s an easy way to do it that will take you literally 30 seconds or less:

1. Go to www.google.com and click “News.”

2. Type in the name of your industry or something related to your industry in the search bar and start curating.

3. Use the links for inspiration or link to the stories you find. Bottom line: put your own spin on them! 

The curation equation

That’s all there is to curating any content. Really.

Using trendy news articles as springboards for your own content, or just linking to them with your opinion, can help engage your customers on any network.

Better yet, you’ll start making your Facebook Page or emails a resource for industry news, so all of your fans and subscribers are more likely to come back, too.