You may have heard (or maybe seen) that pictures can drive big engagement on Facebook.

It’s true. According to Facebook, images receive 120 percent more engagement than text-only posts.

This is great news for any small business that’s been struggling to get people to like, comment, or share, but also introduces a whole new question: How can I use images in my Facebook marketing?

I’m glad you asked!

This year, we’ve seen a ton of awesome examples from real small businesses and nonprofits that are using images on Facebook and getting great results. And what better way to discover new ways to use images on your Facebook Page than to look to other great local businesses and organizations for inspiration?

Here are 35 awesome examples:

1. Go behind the scenes

Most of your customers will only see the final product when they shop in your store or order online. Give fans a peek behind the curtains with images that show all of the work that goes into the products you sell and the services you provide.

2. Celebrate a milestone

When you achieve a milestone for your business or organization, you know that your customers played an important role in helping you get there. Let them join in on the celebration by sharing an image that celebrates your success.

3. Complain without complaining

Avoid using Facebook as a place to vent your frustrations (there’s enough of that on Facebook already)! Instead, get creative and look for opportunities to use funny images or sayings that vent without really venting.

4. Spark a conversation

Any time you can, look for ways to engage your fans in a conversation. You can use an image to catch their attention and text to encourage a response.

5. Celebrate your customers

Celebrating your customers builds strong relationships and markets your products and services in a whole new way. You can also tag your customers in your photos and thank them for stopping by.

6. Show yourself doing what you love

One of the things that makes small businesses, small businesses is the passion you have for the work that you do. Use photos to show your passion whenever you can.

7. Help potential customers envision your products

Instead of just using a stock image of a particular product, look for opportunities to offer fans a different perspective on the items you sell.

8. Show fans what they missed

Next time you have an event, make sure to take plenty of photos. You can then share those photos on Facebook and give attendees the opportunity to tag themselves after the event. For people who missed the event, photos offer a big incentive to put future events on their calendar.

9. Fill seats last minute

Another way you can use images on Facebook to promote your events is to fill last-minute openings. Snap a photo on the day of the event, share it with your fans, and let them know that there are a limited number of seats still available.

10. Give fans a new perspective

There are some perspectives your customers will never get the chance to see. When they see it on Facebook, there’s a good chance they’ll stop and pay attention.

11. Share some fun ideas

Showing your customers how to do something fun and new is a great way to build relationships online. Chances are their friends and family will want to know where they got the idea, which will help you attract new fans and customers too.

12. Help support a good cause

People like to spend money with businesses that share the same values and support the same causes. They also like to share information regarding those values and causes. Images will be sure to inspire your fans to get involved.

13. Get people excited for the future

As a business owner, you’re always looking towards the future. Make sure your customers are too! By getting people excited today, you’ll have more chances to grow your business tomorrow.

14. Show people your menu

Even text-heavy images can be useful on Facebook. When appropriate, share your menu or specials on Facebook with a great-looking image.

15. Show off your accolades

Don’t be modest! If you receive a great piece of coverage or an endorsement from an influencer in your industry, share it with your fans on Facebook.

16. Share your favorite quotes

People love quotes that inspire them and catch their attention. Consider using a tool like Aviary to add text to images and share them with your fans.

17. Drive people to your blog

If you manage a blog for your business, you know that generating traffic to your content can often be a challenge. If you haven’t already, try to use a fun and engaging photo to encourage people to click-through.

18. Encourage people to share the love

There’s a reason why the people who” Like” your Facebook Page are known as fans. These are the people who know your business, appreciate the work that you do, and are happy to show their support. Encouraging them to show the love on sites like Yelp or Urban Spoon can have a big impact when it comes to boosting your online reputation and bringing new customers to your business.

19. Demonstrate your shared values

One of the biggest advantages social media has for small businesses and nonprofits is that you can build a community around your organization. One of the best ways to build that community is to demonstrate your shared values to members of your target audience.

20. Support local businesses

If you run a small business, you know how important local support can be. Look for opportunities to build relationships with other local vendors by showing them off to your own network of fans.

21. Give fans a glimpse of the past

Whether you’ve been open for 10 months or 10 years, every business has a unique history and a story fans will appreciate. Sharing old photos tells your business’s story and gives people a glimpse into just how far you’ve come.

You might not have a history that dates back more than 100 years like Westover School, which posts pictures from the school’s archives every week on “Flashback Friday,” but chances are you have photos from your early days that customers would love to see.

22. Promote your latest newsletter

Sharing your email newsletters and announcements on Facebook attracts more readers and hopefully gets more Facebook fans to join your email list.

Make sure to use an image that will not only get people’s attention, but that will also give some indication of what they’ll find when they click to read.

23. Make people hungry

If you’re a restaurant, bakery, or caterer, using pictures to show off all of the great stuff coming out of your kitchen is sure to boost engagement. It’s also a great way to turn fans into customers and fast.

Even if you’re not in the food-service industry, the idea here is to make sure to choose photos that portray your products in a flattering light, and give customers some insight into how they came to be.

24. Show what people can do with your products

When you’re a fabric store like The Calico House, there are endless possibilities of what customers can create with the stuff you sell.

Showing customers some examples of how they can use your products will inspire your audience and can often generate quite a conversation.

25. Make people feel welcome

Chances are you’re already putting a lot of effort into attracting new fans to your page. But have you put any thought into how you’re going to thank people for becoming fans or make them feel welcome? Images offer a subtle way to do both.

26. Motivate your fans

Everyone can use a little motivation, especially on Monday mornings. Look to create images that inspire your audience and encourage them to get the most from their day.

27. Have some fun

Don’t forget, Facebook is supposed to be fun for you and more importantly for your customers. A “caption this” or “fill in the blank” contest are both great ways to engage your fans and have some fun in the process.

28. Build your reputation

Pet lovers are among the most vocal members of any social media community, and showcasing pictures that make people say, “Awww…”  is a great method for getting people to click “like.”

But for Oh to Be a Dog, it’s not just about cashing in on the “cute factor,” it’s also about showing other dog owners that they offer a range of pet-care services — and most importantly — that other pet-owners have trusted them to take care of their pets.

Using photos to build your reputation and to develop trust with prospective clients is something that all businesses, regardless of their industry, should cash in on.

29. Let people know you’re still open

As a small business owner, you know how debilitating inclement weather can be to your business. And while using pictures on Facebook won’t do much to control the weather, it will help you keep customers informed about how that weather is impacting your schedule.

30. Tap into current events

While there are certainly hot topics and current events you’ll want to avoid, events like Shark Week are a great chance to use photos to boost engagement on your Facebook Page.

Just make sure you’re staying true to your brand and keeping the interest of your fans in mind!

31. Say thanks

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple “thank you.” Add a photo of your staff to provide a more personal touch.

32. Help get people through your door

“Sell! Sell! Sell!” isn’t a strategy that’s going to work on Facebook. If you want to get people off of Facebook and into your store, you need to provide a more personal touch.

Free treats and a relaxed shopping experience will work well, especially during the holidays.

33. Promote a special offer

Look for opportunities to get beyond text-only posts when promoting your offers and promotions.

Remember that people are on Facebook to connect with friends and to find stuff that’s interesting to them. Use a fun and engaging photo to catch their attention, and then provide the information they need to take advantage of your offer.

34. Share unfortunate news

It’s never fun when things go wrong. But when they do, it’s better to address the problem then to try and get around it.

Obviously if it’s something very serious, you won’t want to take things too lightly. But in some situations, the right image can be exactly what you need to keep fans happy.

35. Let people know where to find you

If you manufacture products that can be found in other locations, you can use Facebook to let people know where to find you.

If your products are available at other local retailers, you can tag the business in your Facebook post.

A picture could be worth more than ever in 2014

While images were already a huge part of Facebook and other social networks in 2013, you can expect these sites to get even more visual in the New Year. Luckily, with the popularity of smartphones, it’s never been easier to snap a photo, add a comment or a question, and upload it to your Facebook Page.

Use these examples as inspiration, and you’ll be well on your way to boosting your engagement and growing your Facebook Page.

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