Archie's a Marketer.

And all it took was Constant Contact email marketing.

"Constant Contact is our #1 tool for staying in touch with our donors, supporters, volunteers & customers."

At Wright Locke Farm it is about more than growing organic foods - from "Chicken chore" volunteers to the families attending events at the farm, Wright Locke has grown a community. And as a nonprofit, fundraising and keeping volunteers engaged is crucial: That's where Constant Contact email marketing comes in.


Easy & effective tools means there's no shortage of "chicken chore" volunteers.

Anyone can create an email, fast.

"Being a small community farm, we don't have technology superstars on staff," says Archie. He needs a tool everyone can use, so Archie loves Constant Contact's easy editor and his reusable, mobile-friendly template. Anyone on the team can add the right words and images and get an email ready, fast.

Easier fundraising online.

When Wright Locke needed to raise money for their "Save the Farm" initiative, a fundraising link let subscribers donate, right from Archie's email. Social sharing helped him take their message further - to Facebook, Twitter, and more. And going further means bigger results: the fundraiser was a success.

Real results.

Once he hits send, Archie knows who's opening and clicking, and what content really resonates with his subscribers. (Raspberry picking is a surefire winner.)

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