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Constant Contact for Repair and Maintenance Services

We make it easy to find new customers and get repeat business with marketing tools and expert advice.

Constant Contact for Repair and Maintenance Services
Powerful tools working together to find new clients–all in one place.

Powerful Tools

Get found when people are searching and win new business.

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Get found with Google Ads when people search for repair and maintenance–targeted for your industry and location to make the most of your budget.

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Ensure appointments get booked with pop-up sign-up forms on your website offering specials to first time customers.

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Build awareness in your area with Social Ads targeting prospects, and collect new leads.

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Auto-send emails to new prospects with special offers for first-time customers or scheduling info, all managed in our Contact Management system.

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Send satisfied customers an email asking them to post a review on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List and other review sites.


Stay in touch, build customer relationships, and win referrals.

Email Marketing and Social Media Posting are smart ways to keep in touch with customers, get repeat business, and generate referrals–all within your budget. Scheduling features and reporting can help you efficiently find out what’s working. Build your customer list with a Text-to-Join code on a flyer, and Sign-Up Forms on your website and Facebook page. Send regular emails and share social posts with maintenance recommendations, seasonal tips, and scheduling information. Get even better results with easy-to-use segmentation tools that get the right message to the right customers based on their situation or service needs. To get you started, we’ve created The Download - Making Sense of Online Marketing.

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