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Welcome! You’ve come to the right place to find everything you need for a successful season. Watch the workshops, download the worksheets, test your knowledge and get some great email marketing tips to put you on the right path this summer.

Subject 1: Plan

Create Your Email Marketing Plan

The first step to email success is creating your plan. A little work ahead of time setting your strategy saves you a ton of time later. Watch our workshop to get some guidance on how to create a plan that works for you. Watch Now »


Make the Grade

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Expert Help In Your Area

Need help with your plan? Find a local expert near you to guide you through important marketing tasks like: setting up your plan, website design, content creation, social media, and so much more. Find an Expert »

Subject 2: Design

Design An Email Template in 15 Minutes or Less

When your email lands in your subscriber’s inbox, you want to make a great first impression. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create beautiful emails that get results, with best practices for using colors, fonts, branding and images. Watch Now »


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Test your knowledge on how to design the perfect template. Take the Quiz »

No Time to Design a Template?

We hear you. And that’s exactly why we created our Campaign Design service. Let our experts deliver a re-usable, mobile-responsive template that matches your brand. Purchase Constant Contact now and take advantage of this time-saving offer. Buy Now »

Subject 3: Create

Write Your Email Content in 15 Minutes or Less

Coming up with the right content to make the biggest impact can be a challenge. But don’t fear, we’re here for you. With our easy-to-follow formula, we’ll help you beat writer’s block and feel confident in your messages. Watch Now »


Make the Grade

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How to Say More Without Taking Up Space

If you can link to your content, adding a Read More block to your email is a great way to entice readers to click through. There, you can post longer form pieces, add charts & images, and much more. See How it Works »

Subject 4: Measure

See the Impact of Your Email Marketing

Successful emails don’t end once you hit send. Measuring the results of your emails will help you learn what’s working—and what to work on. This workshop will teach you about open rates, click-through rates, when to send, and how your business goals should shape your emails. Watch Now »


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What’s Trending?

Our handy new Trend Overview Chart quickly shows you opens and clicks, so you can tell which of your emails get the most engagement. Want to drill down on a particular campaign or group of campaigns? Just click and drag to zoom in on the one(s) you want. View Your Reporting »

Subject 5: Grow

How to Extend Your Reach

If you’ve followed the steps in the rest of the series, you’re able to create, send and measure successful emails. The final step is to continue to add more subscribers to build an ever bigger base to send to—and build even more business for yourself. Watch Now »


Make the Grade

Test your knowledge on how to best add contacts to your list. Take the Quiz »

The App That Gets Subscribers

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Extra Credit

Get an even more in-depth education with our series of on-demand webinars. Whether you’re just new to email marketing, or a veteran looking to boost your results, these quick and powerful resources are just what you need.

Create Better Emails in Less Time

Learn the essentials for creating a results-oriented email, and the features to increase engagement and save time. Register Now »

Getting Your Email Opened

Ideal for anyone looking to increase open and click-through rates. You’ll get tips for awesome subject lines and uncover what most influences your open rates. Register Now »

Taking Your Email to the Next Level

Supercharge your everyday email design. Get the guidelines to writing an appealing email and see the features that drive readers to click. Register Now »

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