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Managing various tasks can be overwhelming and time-consuming for a small business owner. The responsibilities seem never-ending, from handling payroll and employee benefits to tracking sales and marketing efforts. This is where small business software comes into play. 

Functions like human resources (our expertise at Bambee) and digital marketing are critical to the long-term success of a small business. Still, small business owners face the constant challenge of juggling investments, measuring benefits, and deciding which hats they can comfortably wear— and which ones they need help with. 

As you work to understand the full impact of implementing a software solution for these needs, there are some benefits to consider:

Improved efficiency

It’s easiest to start with the most obvious benefit – the time savings! Work you may have checked and double-checked before becomes automated and best in class every time. Of course, automating processes through solutions like Bambee and Constant Contact makes things run faster and more smoothly than if you were to do your human resources and marketing work without specific tools. But reputable, established small business software solutions are also developed using the best practices of their industry, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

And, of course, improving your efficiency results in…

Boosted productivity 

How much time does the average small business owner spend on HR or marketing? You’ll find any number of estimates out there. Still, it can’t be denied that things like hiring and onboarding employees, dealing with federal regulations and compliance, and payroll take a significant amount of time for small business owners– with one source reporting that hiring just one employee can take up to 30 hours! 

Utilizing expert solutions to streamline these tasks and shore up your limited time and staffing resources frees up valuable hours you need to spend on strategizing and growing your business.

Decreased risk

Every small business, from solopreneurs to nonprofits to regional companies with multiple locations, has many rules and regulations to keep up with to stay in business. But small businesses need the benefit of a dedicated legal, compliance, or HR team to keep them in the clear. 

This is where leaning on trusted partners can yield significant benefits– your HR small business software partner has the expertise to help create proper and legal processes, just as utilizing a digital marketing platform ensures you’re following the most up-to-date email and text messaging regulations.

Better relationships

What drives success for your small business or organization? Responsible business practices (like solid human resources processes!) and clear communication (like stellar digital marketing) can help create a trustworthy, reliable brand that inspires employee AND customer loyalty. But, having supporters– whether donors, volunteers, customers, or employees– who know and are loyal to your business keep it growing and going. 

If you’re a small business owner looking to improve your operations, it’s worth considering how small business software solutions can make that achievable. These are just a few benefits tools like Bambee and Constant Contact can provide to companies of all sizes. From streamlining HR processes and improving efficiency to increasing productivity and customer engagement, these platforms can help businesses grow and succeed.

About Bambee 

Bambee is an all-in-one HR solution designed specifically for small businesses. This software streamlines HR processes, including employee onboarding, benefits management, and performance evaluations. Bambee also provides access to HR professionals who can provide guidance and support on various HR-related issues. This saves business owners time and ensures that HR processes are handled properly and legally.

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