Consider how large organizations with multiple branch locations and representatives appear to their customers, supporters, and employees– while they may look like a single, unified organization, the reality is much more complex: organizations like this are more like complex ecosystems, with different locations, audiences, staff, and communications needs. So how do you enable dozens of different groups to communicate effectively while still maintaining control and consistency? How can you see how their efforts are performing both individually and as a group?

It might sound like a chaotic, impossible task, but more and more, organizations are solving this exact challenge by using a multiple account email solution to enable email marketing efforts among various departments, locations, and audience segments. 

Let’s take a look at the three key reasons that complex organizations are turning to this solution, and the benefits that they experience.

Reason #1: They can maintain control without sacrificing accessibility.

It’s every marketer’s nightmare: each department creating their own emails, with their own look and feel, and without anyone at the top knowing what’s being sent out when or to what audience. And no one has time to log into dozens of accounts just to try to get the big picture.

Here’s how a multiple account solution helps to establish control without limiting autonomy. 

Tiered access. Email marketing software with a multiple account solution provides “parent” level access and abilities at the top of the organization, with “child” level access and abilities at the individual level. This offers people at the “parent” level the ability to see and control as much or as little as is necessary across the entire organization, while giving “child” accounts the freedom to work independently.

Multi-level reporting. Tiered access provides parent-level users visibility into reporting and engagement metrics (including opens, clicks, unsubscribes and more) of the entire company holistically in order to understand org-wide trends and performance. Meanwhile, child-level users have access and visibility into the data and analytics tied to their own email sends in order to help them calibrate and optimize the communications they send to their subscribers.

Scalable, centralized email sends. When large organizations have a message that needs to go to their entire audience, this is where parent-level sending comes in– send what you need to the entire audience, when you need to send it, without your individual departments duplicating the effort and introducing variables.

Administrative control. A multiple-account solution takes the guesswork out of administration,  providing a single, central place where administrators can create or delete accounts, make billing changes, and manage the ability to create, edit, and send campaigns.

Reason #2: They can protect and ensure the value of the brand.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. You put a great deal of thought and care into your logo, your colors, and even your brand voice. So ensuring those components shine through in each and every communication is key. 

With a multiple account email solution, you can ensure brand fidelity through locked, predetermined content and even campaign approvals. 

Branded templates allow parent users to create a template (or multiple templates) that include and lock the brand elements that are must-haves no matter who the email is sent from, like logos, boilerplate language and footer links, brand colors, and more. Outside of these elements, customizable fields are included for copy, images, or more as desired. This gives individual senders the right guardrails to maintain brand consistency while enabling them to create and include their own, unique content and messaging.

Campaign approval can provide an additional layer of control by requiring individual sending accounts (these can be selected child accounts, or all child accounts depending on the parent account’s choosing) to get administrative approval before their campaign is launched. This allows for another set of eyes to be absolutely certain the campaign is a good representation of the organization’s brand.

Reason #3: They get a streamlined solution with diversified functionality.

Money, manpower, and time are three resources that marketers are often running low on, so any efficiency that can be achieved is an instant win– as long as it doesn’t stop end users from doing what they need to do. By implementing a single email marketing solution that everyone can use, you guarantee more streamlined operations– and all the benefits that come with that. For instance: 

Fewer vendors, less hassle. Separate vendors for each department or location means separate contracts, separate invoices, separate workflows, and separate technical requirements. Streamlining to a single vendor can save time, money, and provide additional clarity and control over your vendor relationships.

List management delegation. Each individual child account can manage their own subscriber lists and segments, while subscribers can manage their communications at a global level, including unsubscribing. This gives each department control over their audience, while giving their audience control over their communications.

Accessible training and education. For any solution to be efficient, it needs to be easy to use– with a centralized email marketing solution, each user has access to the same training, the same educational resources, and the same customer support, taking the burden off of the administrator and making the tool much easier at the end user level.

It’s time to centralize

With a centralized platform, dispersed organizations can empower individual teams while maintaining corporate control and visibility. By embracing centralization, they can enhance their email marketing strategies, create operational efficiencies, and more effectively engage with their audiences– at every level.

Constant Contact’s Multi-Account product features are purposefully designed for you to maintain control of your brand while still giving your teams the freedom to manage their own communications. To learn more about how Constant Contact helps organizations like yours achieve flexibility and control over their email marketing, or to request more information, visit our Enterprise Partners page.