Instagram is the popular app known for the cool pictures you can take with it. But there’s a lot more to Instagram than meets the eye. Once you get past the cool pictures, you’ll see just how influential it can be for your business.

If you take a closer look, you’ll discover that Instagram could be your next great marketing tool.

And with the ever-growing population using this app, it’s something small businesses and nonprofits should explore.

Here are 3 benefits of using Instagram for your small business.

Benefit 1: Personal touch

When I say personal touch, I’m not referring to the color of your office walls or your pretty business cards. What I’m referring to is your personality outside of your business. Like many other small business owners, you may have emptied your savings, took a big risk or gave up an office job to do what you love. But most of your customers don’t know that about you.

Instagram gives you the perfect opportunity to show customers your personal side. By doing this you’ll not only make your business more personable, you’ll leave a lasting impression on current and future customers.


Show your role in the business by giving your customers a behind-the-scenes peek at how you run things. This could be a picture of you in a meeting or a video of you playing a prank on a co-worker. These types of simple pictures and videos can be done in less than five minutes and will add a nice personal touch.

Benefit 2: New demographic

Instagram connects people from all over the world to one another through images. And once you start using it, you automatically open yourself up to a completely new demographic of people. For most small business owners, and of course depending on your target audience, this can only be a good thing.

Over 150 million people use Instagram, with 55 million photos being uploaded every day. Take advantage of this incredibly large, active network of people. Connect with potential prospects!


It’s pretty easy. Simply download the app and start creating your presence on Instagram. Staying open to new connections and being active is the best way to interact with a new demographic.

Benefit 3: Network

It’s easy to get caught up in all those pretty pictures, but like I mentioned before, there is more to Instagram than the photos. Instagram is like any other social network, so use it to its fullest and network!

Social networks were created to help people meet new people and build relationships. Start interacting with a whole new network of interconnected people. In turn, you could gain followers, potential new customers, or new partners.

And it doesn’t end there. Instagram is connected to Facebook and Twitter. This makes it easy to connect all of your networks and use them interchangeably without too much stress.


Like, comment, and follow others and you will begin to see your follower numbers rise. Once you connect Instagram with Facebook and Twitter, you can add to the friends and followers you already have. And remember, like any other social network, you have to stay active to continue to build your presence and maintain what you’ve already established.

So taking cool pics and videos can do all of the things above?

They do say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Pictures tell stories and if used properly, can drive engagement. Instagram can be a powerful channel that allows you to show customers the personal side of your business, connect with new prospects, and network to create meaningful relationships. Pinterest is another great social media network that drives engagement through images.

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