Drive more sales with our integration with WooCommerce.

Sync contacts, send abandoned cart emails, reach new audiences and boost sales.

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How integrating WooCommerce can boost your business.

Marketplace Solution

Your products.

Drag and drop products from your catalog directly into emails.


Right message.

Segment your contacts and send targeted, customized offers.

See your results

More customers. More sales.

Use social marketing and advertising tools to reach new audiences.


Automate. Accelerate.

Increase revenue in less time with Email Marketing Automation.

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Ecommerce tools that make you go “Woo.”

Constant Contact's integration with WooCommerce can help you open the door to more customers and stronger revenue. Connect your shop, sync contacts automatically, and send automated emails if your customer abandons their cart or clicks a link in an email. Get growing with powerful ecommerce that makes it easy to target the right customers with the right offers every time.

Set your sales a-soaring.

Constant Contact’s WooCommerce integration can help your business drive more sales than ever—faster than ever.

Drag and drop products from your store directly into your emails, then customize details, add promo codes, and even insert trackable coupons.

Easily manage contacts and use segmented lists — first-time, recent, repeat, lapsed, potential customers—to target messages and offers.

Capture info from store visitors with pop-up sign-up forms. Find prospects searching for you with Google Ads. Reach new audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Welcome new contacts, nurture leads, rescue abandoned carts, and keep customers engaged with automated, targeted emails based on how they interact with your emails or online store.

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