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Go Social with Simple Share

Boost your Email Marketing, EventSpot, and Social Campaigns by connecting with customers through Simple Share.

Your small business will stand out with our fast, easy, and effective tool to share your email, event, and social campaigns on your social networks. Connect with customers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in only one step — using tools you already know.

  • Connect Instantly
    Create your email newsletter, event invitation, social campaigns, or survey and connect with Simple Share, and broadcast your message with your Facebook Business Page, Facebook Profile, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn Page. No new tools or extra time necessary.
  • Customize your message
    Choose your message, choose your image, choose your audience. With Simple Share, customized messages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will draw the audience—and potential customers—you want.
  • Expand your reach
    Share your message with customers on social networks, and make it easy for them to share your message with their friends and colleagues.
  • Get results
    See how many people view, "like", or share your newsletter or event on social networks with our Social Stats.
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