While April 1 is known for April Fool’s Day, the month is anything but a silly one. In fact, it’s the true start of spring in most locations, and brick-and-mortar locations will start to see foot traffic pick up along with the temps.

But even if you don’t have a business that benefits from increased foot traffic, April is a great time to keep in touch with your customers, and there are lots of great reasons and ways to do so.

Make the most of this month by tapping into these April holidays and newsletter ideas to share the hope and promise of warmer, sunnier days ahead with your readers.

April holidays — 2024

Depending on your brand, April Fool’s Day might not be the best day to celebrate with your customers. However, here are some April holidays that should definitely be considered.

  • April 5thFirst Contact Day. If you’re a Trekkie, you’re in the know.
  • April 5thWalk to Work Day. Encourage your audience, and employees, to reduce carbon emissions and get some fresh air on their daily commute (even if it’s a matter of getting off the bus one stop early).
  • April 9thNational Unicorn Day. Nothing is quite so elusive — except maybe a sale on the one item that never goes on sale.
  • April 11thNational Pet Day. Share the love.
  • April 14thNational Gardening Day and National Garden Month. Got dirt?
  • April 16thWear Pajamas to Work Day. If it’s right for your brand, get in the spirit — have your employees “pay” to wear their PJs and donate all the “payments” to a local charity. Let your readers know of the plan and invite them to wear PJs into your store to have a portion of their purchase donated to charity.
  • April 18thNational High Five Day. Check the link. Watch the video. Do good things in your community.
  • April 22ndEarth Day. It’s our home. Let’s take care of it.
  • April 24thAdministrative Professionals Day. Hug them. Thank them. Give them a spa day — or at least a nice plant for their desk.
  • April 26thNational Arbor Day. Get your employees and customers together and plant some trees in your community.
  • April 27thNational Rebuilding Day is the culmination of National Rebuilding Month. Help rebuild your community.

April newsletter ideas

April is designated as National Month of Hope. And hope means looking toward the future — and future growth.

April newsletter ideas for a brighter future

World Autism Awareness Day (Apr. 2nd)

Everyone who’s had the privilege to know someone with autism knows what strength, courage, and joy these individuals possess, and this is a great time to share it with others while building relationships with your customers and your community.

  • Be relatable. Share a story that’s touched your heart. Whether it’s your own story or not, let your readers know how it touched your heart and include a link to the full story so they can read it for themselves.
  • Give back. Find an autism charity worthy of your donations and collaborate with your neighboring businesses to create a fundraiser, sharing the details in your email newsletter and on social media.
  • Be a resource. Share autism resources like AutismSpeaks.org or AutismSociety.org.

Keep America Beautiful Month

Take a cue from KeepAmericaBeautiful.org and #DoBeautifulThings. 

  • Do good. Talk to your employees and ask what beautiful thing they’d like to do as a team, then share your plan in your newsletter and post updates on your progress on your preferred social media channel.
  • Be a resource. Curate content and share tips on cleaning green.
  • Support your community. Sponsor a green space in your neighborhood and invite your readers to help make it happen. Tie it in with National Garden Month and make that green space a community garden!

April newsletter ideas that are looking forward to their next meal

With holidays such as National Carbonara Day (Apr. 6th), National Eggs Benedict Day (Apr. 16th), and National Shrimp Scampi Day (Apr. 29th), this is a great month to show off your inner “foodie” — food-related business not required.

  • Be a partner. Partner with a local charity that helps feed your community and collaborate to build awareness or sponsor a food drive or fundraiser.
  • Be a resource. Share an article that’s chock-full of great cooking tips, or share some of your own.
  • Show your stuff. If it falls in line with your business, highlight a cooking or food-related product.
  • Be engaging. Pick your favorite food holiday — like National Coffee Cake Day (Apr. 7th) and share a recipe with your readers. Then take it to the next level by having a recipe swap on your preferred social media channel. Encourage your followers to post recipes they’ve created or to share links to recipes they’ve found online and really loved.

TIP: Whatever holiday you highlight in your newsletter this month, whether you issue a challenge, offer advice, or ask your readers to share, include a branded hashtag and a custom hashtag — along with a corresponding post on social media — so you can easily find and like what they post!

April newsletter subject lines

  • “No foolin’!” — Preheader: “This is a great deal” — April Fool’s Day (Apr. 1st) — With this preheader, it’s great for a surprise sale or deep discount, and without the preheader, it works just as well for sharing some serious info.
  • “‘Live long and prosper’” — First Contact Day (Apr. 5th) — perfect for any brand that can manage to fit Star Trek in — or for those in the health and wellness industries.
  • “We’re dishin’ it up” — National Deep Dish Pizza Day (Apr. 5th) — you don’t have to be a pizza joint, just serve up some content your readers would like to know about.
  • “This deal’s not stickin’ around” — National Teflon Day (Apr. 6th).
  • “Can this be any cheesier?” — National Cheese Fondue Day (Apr. 11th), National Grilled Cheese Day (Apr. 12th), National Cheese Ball Day (Apr. 17th), and National Cheddar Fries Day (Apr.20th).
  • “Guess what we’re up to” — Take a Wild Guess Day (Apr. 15th).
  • “Guess what day it is” — Take a Wild Guess Day (Apr. 15th).
  • “‘Be not afraid…’” — Shakespeare Day (Apr. 23rd).
  • “How do ye liketh us?” — Talk Like Shakespeare Day (Apr. 23rd) — a creative way to ask for feedback.
  • “‘All that glitters… “ — Shakespeare Day (Apr. 23rd) — great for revealing new products.
  • “This is SO twisted!” — National Pretzel Day (Apr. 26th)  —  for providing strange news, bad Dad jokes, or a “twisted” sale.
  • “We’re all shook up” — Richter Scale Day (Apr. 26th).
  • “Here’s what’s shakin’” — Richter Scale Day (Apr. 26th).
  • “Do you smell that?” — National Sense of Smell Day (Apr. 29th).

For more April holidays and ideas on what you can do to share them with your customers, download the graphic below. Or, plan out the rest of your year with our Online Marketing Calendar, complete with a free template and a list of holidays you can use to plan a successful year.