People looking to protect their homes, vehicles, and families want to work with an insurance agent they can trust. However, with 422,688 insurance brokers and agencies in the U.S. as of 2021, how can your insurance agency help clients see you as their ideal choice?

One of the best ways is to create plenty of positive social media posts for insurance agents. Since people do online research to make important choices, building an effective social media marketing campaign helps them see the value of your services.

Consider this: There are 4.48 billion people actively using social media in the world. And plenty of them have homes, families, and property that need to be insured. 

But what are some of the best ways for insurance agents to use social media? This article outlines some of the best insurance posts for social media that you can create and includes some easy tips for posting to ensure that your campaign connects with the right people.   

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Creating great social media posts for insurance agents 

Look at your social media feed, and you’ll find an array of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other popular sites. You’ll need to focus on the types of social media posts for insurance agents that will give you the best return on investment (ROI) for your advertising budget. Such posts include:

Social media ads on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram ads are paid advertisements that appear on the side of your readers’ social media newsfeed. These ads are designed to target your main demographic.

You can design your Facebook ad campaign to seek out social media users based on geography, gender, and age. More importantly, you can target people whose interests line up with the insurance you provide.

Creating a Facebook ad campaign that targets key consumers gets your insurance ads in front of the right people.

Imagine showcasing your auto insurance deals to car enthusiasts who use social media to follow automotive trends. Think how meaningful your homeowners’ insurance ads will be when they show up in the feeds of new families shopping for their first house. By leveraging the power of social media marketing, you’ll connect with people who really need your services.   

Social media lead ads

Facebook lead ads are great for getting customers to sign up for your email list.

Why is this so important? Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of digital marketing today. Statistics show that for every $1 you invest in email marketing, you’ll earn a $36 ROI. 

Insurance marketing emails should build relationships with your customers by offering special deals and useful information on protecting your property. As your clients see you as a valuable resource, they’ll trust you to insure their valuables. 

You can craft an ad that offers a proven benefit attractive to potential customers (like saving money on insurance). Include a “Sign Up” button and offer something in return for their email address — like a free insurance quote or special discount. This will help you to gain quality email addresses, which is better than a lengthy email list. You want your campaign to be successful and use those lead ads well.

Organic posts

You can create all sorts of organic (free) posts on your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or Instagram account that will help build good relationships with your clients. These posts should be designed to inform your followers about your business and connect with them. 

Here are a few ideas: 

  • Offer holiday wishes to your clients.
  • Post photos of a sports team your company sponsors.
  • Let people know about upcoming special events they’ll want to participate in, like a webinar or job fair.

The more your followers see your insurance agents as a group of people interested in helping others, the better your overall brand image will be.

Links to informative articles

People use social media to learn, and your social media posts for insurance agents can offer valuable information. Include links to industry news stories your clients will want to know about, like:

  • The best life insurance plans available today
  • Your blog articles, which will give followers a reason to visit your website
  • Tips for car or home maintenance that will help clients save money
  • Road trip safety tips during the holidays that will benefit your auto insurance clients

Building a strong social media presence

Running a successful social media marketing campaign means more than just creating good Facebook posts. It also means knowing how and when to share your social media posts for insurance agents — and how to expand your audience. Keep the following tips in mind:

Post where your target clients socialize

Social media may attract millions of users, but your target clients will favor certain channels over others.

LinkedIn attracts business professionals looking to network with other professionals. Facebook is a great place for older clients to connect with each other. And if you’d like to add some younger clients to your list, you’ll likely find them on Instagram and Snapchat.

Creating social media posts on different sites like Instagram helps you connect with customers of all ages.

Have a very clear idea of the types of customers you’d like to serve. Knowing where these clients spend their time online — and what type of insurance they’ll need — will help you choose where you want to focus your social media campaign. 

Post regularly

It’s important to provide your clients with a steady stream of informative content they’ll find useful to keep them following you and reading your posts.

So, how often should you post on social media? That depends where you want to direct your focus. Keep these guidelines in mind when you’ve decided on your goals:

  • Facebook: Post between three and seven times a week.
  • Twitter: Post one to three times per day.
  • LinkedIn: Post three to five days a week.
  • Instagram: Post once a day.

The important thing to remember is that you should post frequently — but not so often that you make it look like you’re spamming your followers. Fast-paced social media like Instagram can handle a lot of posts. Facebook requires a more measured approach.

Expand your social media following

Social media marketing campaigns work best when you already have a good following. If you don’t, there are plenty of ways to connect with more people.

One of the best ways to do this is by letting your different digital marketing campaigns feed each other. For instance, when you send out emails for your email marketing campaign, be sure to invite your subscribers to follow you on your social media channels.

Likewise, your website blog shouldn’t just offer useful tips on buying insurance and taking care of your property. Include links to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages and invite visitors to connect. The more convenient you make it for clients to communicate with you, the stronger your online presence will be.  

Building effective social media posts for insurance agents

Creating social media posts is a great way to connect with your clients. By investing in paid social media ads, creating useful content, and posting regularly on the social media channels your target clients frequent, you can build a very effective digital marketing campaign.

If this still seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry. There are plenty of online tools that can make creating a social media marketing campaign for your insurance agency much easier. To begin, learn about Constant Contact’s social media marketing tools. Integrating your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts with Constant Contact makes it easy to design an effective campaign with just a few clicks. You’ll be able to manage all your social contacts on one dashboard, making it simple to organize and leverage your social media activity.