What are the benefits of conducting surveys?

What do your customers want? If you don’t know, just ask! By sending out a survey, you can get valuable information, which you may not have otherwise learned. 

How can you improve your business? Ask the people who work with you on a daily basis: your customers. 

Surveys can also help to engage your customers, and make them feel like they have a say in your business decisions. Thinking of adding a new flavor of cupcake to your bakery? Send out a survey asking your customers to vote. 

One of the greatest benefits of sending out an online survey is instantaneous feedback. There’s no waiting around to talk to your audience, and responses can come back with the click of a mouse.

How do you start using surveys?

Constant Contact offers easy-to-use online survey tools so you can get instant feedback from your customers. These tools allow you to create custom surveys and polls, easily share surveys online via email and social media, and track survey responses in real time.


How can surveys help my business?

What should I ask in a survey?

How do I interpret survey results?